RLRS teams BDS and Omni Nation promote to RLCS

In the first-ever season to allow Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS) teams to earn direct promotion to the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) by finishing first in the league, Team BDS and Omni Nation have managed to do so for the EU and NA regions respectively. RLCS Season 10 will mark the debut for every one of these Rocket League players. Meanwhile, the RLRS teams that ended in second and third place will fight for an RLCS spot against the eighth and ninth place finishers in the RLCS in two weeks.

Team BDS promotes to EU RLCS Season 10

The part-Spanish, part-French roster of Swiss organization Team BDS earned their promotion in the final week of RLRS. With an 8-1 record, Team BDS – consisting of Alenjandro “ClayX” Carbonero, Marc “MaRc_By_8” Domingo, and Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez – had a very successful season. It ended in spectacular fashion, too.

The impressive roster of second-place finishers RCD Espanyol actually did have that same 8-1 record. However, BDS had a significantly better game-win differential with +19 over Espanyol’s +7. Still, Espanyol will now try to secure an RLCS spot in the play-offs, and it won’t be easy for their opponents.


Each player of Team BDS is a long-time talent that has repeatedly made a name for themselves in the (semi-)professional Rocket League scene. As a Frenchman, M0nkey_m00n is part of an already incredibly strong country filled with the best players. However, Spain has recently been on the uprise. It’s home to four of the six players in the top 2 of RLRS, as well as Team Endpoint’s Nacho “Nachitow” Gimenez in the RLCS. ClayX and MaRc_By_8 are already guaranteed a spot for next season’s RLCS, and more Spanish players will likely join them through the promotion/relegation tournament.

Omni Nation promotes in NA

On the other side of the pond, Omni Nation will make their RLCS debut next season. This team consists of three completely unknown names in the RLCS: Oliver “Percy.” Kenneth Ortiz, Chris “majicbear “Avecedo, and Daniel “jordan” Bholla. These three are now about to take on the top of the world.

This one came down to the wire in the final week. With a 7-2 record, they managed to take the top of the league over second-place finishers Charlotte Phoenix, who long-time watchers may recognize as Jaime “Karma” Bickford’s team.

After Omni Nation won their last game of the season, all they needed was for Charlotte Phoenix to lose their final game. And while Charlotte has looked good throughout the season, it was not enough to defeat Gabriel “CorruptedG” Vallozzi’s Chaos Esports Club. Charlotte ended up losing their RLCS spot based on a single goal.

But as that team fell to the fifth-place finishers in an extremely tense game 5 overtime, Omni Nation could sigh in relief and scream in joy for their guaranteed promotion. Now the question is whether they are also good enough to take on the likes of NRG, SpaceStation, G2, and the Soniqs.

This is still just so hard to believe. My first time being eligible to play in play-ins…we made it. Which was really amazing for me. And my rookie season in the RLRS..We make RLCS. Like what??? I’m truly still in shock. @Jordan_RL1 @PercyyRL happy for us boys! WE FUCKING DID IT

Speaking of which, the RLCS top 6 is playing the regional championships this weekend, and you don’t want to miss the culmination of the season. Tune in to the NA RLCS Regionals over on Twitch and YouTube later today, March 28, at 12:00 p.m. PST / 3:00 p.m. EST / 5:00 p.m. CET. The European regionals begin on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. PST / 12:00 p.m. EST / 6:00 p.m. CEST. Keep in mind that the European daylight savings goes into effect this weekend, so the time difference on Saturday will be different than on Sunday.

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Nominations Have now Opened for the VR Awards 2020

Hosted by The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), the annual VR Awards will be celebrating its fourth year in 2020 and because of the current pandemic will be going virtual for the first time. This week AIXR has opened the nominations, with 13 categories covering the breadth of virtual reality (VR) hardware and software.

The VR Awards will include the same categories as last year including the Accenture Lifetime Achievement Award which was previously won by John Carmack. While nominations will be deliberated on by an expert judging panel, 2020 will also feature a new public voting portal, with details released nearer the judging date.

“The VR Awards is the centre of recognition and celebration of achievement in VR. The nominations period is always an exciting period for us, as we get a chance to see some of the best projects from across the year. Going digital gives us a chance to bring those projects to the spotlight to more people than ever before,” said Daniel Colaianni, Chief Executive, AIXR in a statement.

VR Awards 2020 Categories

The VR Awards features 13 categories, including:

  • VR Hardware of the Year
  • VR Game of the Year
  • VR Experience of the Year
  • VR Film of the Year
  • VR Marketing of the Year
  • Rising VR Company of the Year
  • Innovative VR Company of the Year
  • VR Social Impact Award
  • VR Enterprise Solution of the Year
  • VR Education & Training of the Year
  • VR Healthcare of the Year
  • Out-of-Home VR Entertainment of the Year
  • Accenture Lifetime Achievement Award

The nominations are open until 21st May 2020, with AIXR members entitled to one free complimentary nomination while non-members will have to pay. Each nomination costs £179+VAT GBP (total £214.80). VRFocus would assume the new public voting portal will be free to encourage consumers to vote but we’ll have to wait and see.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the VR Awards 2020, reporting back with the latest news and updates.

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Konkurrent der ESL Pro League: Ist Flashpoint bereits gescheitert? – CS:GO

Die neue Flashpoint-Liga in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ist mit viel Getöse gestartet und sieht sich als Konkurrent der ESL Pro League. Nach mehr als einer Woche Spielzeit ist klar: Flashpoint kann die Pro League nicht schlagen.

Flashpoint gegen ESL Pro League – unter diesen Voraussetzungen startete in diesem Jahr die neue Saison in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Dass Zuschauer eher zur Pro League tendieren werden, war vielen schon nach der Bekanntgabe der Teams klar. Die besten Mannschaften der Welt hatten sich nach Verhandlungen mit der ESL im sogenannten Louvre-Agreement für die Pro League entschieden. Flashpoint musste sich hingegen mit der „B-Ware“ zufriedengeben. Lediglich bei den Kommentatoren und Analysten des Flashpoint-Streams konnten die Amerikaner einen Punktsieg erringen und bekannte Namen wie Anders Blume, Auguste „Semmler“ Massonnat sowie den Overwatch-Caster Christopher „MonteCristo“ Mykles an Bord holen. Duncan „Thorin” Shields wurde als Creative Director engagiert.

Pro League mit deutlich mehr Zuschauern

Teams und Kommentatoren hin oder her, ein Blick auf die Statistiken ergibt einen klaren Sieger im Duell zwischen der ESL Pro League und Flashpoint. Mit durchschnittlich über 123.000 Zuschauern ist die Pro League laut Daten von echarts.com deutlich beliebter als Flashpoint mit lediglich 37.000 Zuschauern. Nicht einmal ein kurzzeitiges Zuschauerhoch von 117.000 Zuschauern kann die durchschnittlichen Zahlen der ESL Pro League toppen. Bei der Pro League liegt der Peak aktuell bei fast 400.000.

Vor allem die Spiele des russischen Teams Natus Vincere sind beliebt. Gleich vier Spiele von Na´Vi rangieren unter den Top fünf der meistgesehenen Spiele in der Pro League. Das Matchup gegen das deutsche Team BIG ist auf dem ersten Platz. Hier sind die Partnerschaften der ESL mit verschiedenen, regionalen Partnern schlichtweg ein klarer Vorteil, um Fans Spiele in der eigenen Sprache zu präsentieren. Flashpoint bietet zwar auch verschiedene Sprachen an, allerdings über kleinere, unbekanntere Streams und weniger populäre Kommentatoren.

In der Flashpoint-Liga waren bisher die Spiele des brasilianischen Teams MIBR der Quotenhit, gefolgt von Spielen des schwedischen Dignitas-Lineups mit den ehemaligen Ninjas-in-Pyjamas-Legenden.

Besser als die Esports Championship Series

Während es Flashpoint bisher nicht gelingt, mit der ESL Pro League mitzuhalten, hat der neue Name doch eines zumindest bewirkt: Flashpoint ist deutlich beliebter als das abgelöste Vorgängermodell Esports Championship Series (ECS). Statt 37.000 Zuschauern lag in der ECS der Durchschnitt teilweise unter 10.000 Zuschauern. Erst in den Saisons sieben und acht im Jahr 2019 konnte die ECS mehr als 20.000 Fans fesseln.

Interessant ist der Vergleich mit der ECS, weil beide von FACEIT organisiert und ausgetragen werden. Außerdem spielten 2019 in den beiden Saisons der ECS auch hochkarätige Teams wie Astralis, Vitality, FaZe und Fnatic mit. Dennoch konnte die Liga nicht mit der Pro League Schritt halten. Nur gute Teams an Bord zu haben reicht somit offensichtlich nicht um die viele Zuschauer zu erreichen.

Teams springen zwischen den Ligen

Es hörte sich an wie ein genialer Coup, als Flashpoint bekanntgab, dass FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) an der Liga teilnehmen wird und das Heroic-Lineup aufgekauft hatte. Damit hatte man nicht nur selbst endlich alle zwölf Teilnehmer gefunden, sondern auch kurz vor dem Start der Pro League dem Konkurrenten ein Team weggenommen. Doch so perfekt lief es dann doch nicht. Die EPL fand mit BIG einen Ersatz für Heroic und gleichzeitig schnappte sich Astralis einen der Heroic-Spieler als sechsten Mann. Nun sieht es so aus, als wäre der Deal zwischen FPX und Heroic geplatzt und die Flashpoint-Liga wieder auf elf Teilnehmer reduziert.

Auch Partner-Teams wie MIBR entschieden sich dazu, da die Pro League wegen der COVID-19-Pandemie online ausgetragen wird, an beiden Ligen teilzunehmen. Exklusiv Brasiliens bestes Team zu zeigen ist somit auch kein Verkaufsargument mehr für Thorin und Co.

Technische Probleme machen Flashpoint das Leben schwer

Ein weiterer Grund warum Flashpoint bisher nicht mehr Fans begeistern konnte, sind zweifellos die vielen technischen Probleme. Vor allem beim Sound gab es während der ersten Woche viele Probleme. Während Segmenten mit den Analysten setzten Mikrofone aus, beim Übergang in die Pause wurde Musik in ohrenbetäubender Lautstärke abgespielt.

Das Versprechen der Flashpoint-Liga war es, eine internationale Liga mit den besten Teams der Welt zusammen mit einer hervorragenden Produktionsqualität zu liefern. Doch bisher wurden beide Versprechen noch nicht eingelöst.

Foto: ESL Helena Kristiansson

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TFT Galaxies: Die besten Strategien für Set 3 – Teamfight Tactics

Für den beliebten LoL-Spielmodus Teamfight Tactics ist am 18. März Set 3 erschienen. Seitdem haben die TFT-Spieler fleißig herumprobiert, um die besten Strategien für die neue Spielversion herauszufinden. Wir verraten euch die besten Aufstellungen.

In TFT geht es um eine clevere Teamzusammenstellung sowie um die schnelle Anpassung an zufällige Gegebenheiten. Da ist es nicht immer ganz einfach, den Überblick zu behalten. Damit ihr trotzdem wisst, welche Aufstellungen und Strategien die besten sind, verschaffen wir euch in unserem Guide einen Überblick über die Kombinationen, die am besten funktionieren.


Die Rebel-Einheiten sind gemeinsam stark: Sie profitieren von angrenzenden Rebels und machen dadurch mehr Schaden, bekommen aber auch einen Schild. Im Idealfall solltet ihr also eure stärkste Einheit in die Mitte stellen und sie mit mindestens fünf anderen Rebels umzingeln, um das Spiel zu gewinnen.

Aurelion Sol und Jinx sind dafür besonders gut geeignet, aber mit einem Spatula und einer Chain Vest könnt ihr jeden beliebigen Champion zum Rebel machen. Miss Fortune und vor allem Gangplank sind dann nicht mehr aufzuhalten.

Blaster + Brawler

Auch hier sind Miss Fortune und Jinx gefragt, allerdings braucht ihr hier noch zwei weitere Blaster-Einheiten wie zum Beispiel Ezreal und Lucian. Zu viert verteilen sie ihre Schüsse dann über das gesamte Spielfeld und verursachen viel Schaden.

Vor den Blaster-Champions braucht ihr aber ein paar Tanks, um sie beschützen zu können. Am besten funktioniert das mit vier Brawler-Einheiten: Cho’Gath, Vi, Blitzcrank und Malphite.

Mech Pilot + Infiltrator

Die drei Mech Pilots Fizz, Rumble und Annie vereinigen sich zu Beginn jeder Runde zu einem großen Super-Mech, der vor allem als Tank fungiert. Je höher ihr die drei Einheiten levelt, desto mehr Leben erhält der große Mech.

Das allein reicht aber noch nicht, denn es fehlt noch etwas an Schaden. Dabei helfen euch die Infiltrators: Mit Shaco oder Kai’Sa als Carrys und Ekko als Ergänzung seid ihr gut im Spiel. Alternativ könnt ihr auch einen Revurve Bow mit dem Spatula kombinieren und so zum Beispiel Kayle zu einem Infiltrator machen.


Von den Cybernetic-Einheiten benötigt ihr ähnlich wie bei den Rebels sechs, um voll durchzustarten. Dann bekommt jeder Cybernetic-Champion mehr Schaden und außerdem mehr Leben.

Die Besonderheit: Um den Buff zu bekommen, müssen die Einheiten mindestens ein Item tragen. Die Schwierigkeit an dieser Strategie ist es, den seltenen Champion Ekko zu bekommen, der fünf Gold kostet.

Wenn ihr sechs Cybernetics mit Items auf das Feld bekommt, stellt ihr am besten noch Shen und Ezreal dazu, um den Blademaster- und den Chrono-Buff zu erhalten.

Protector + Sniper

Die Protectors erfordern eine spezielle Strategie: Weil ihr Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Rakan und Neeko schon früh im Spiel bekommen könnt, werden sie im späten Spielverlauf deutlich schwächer. Deshalb sollte es euer Ziel sein, zumindest zwei von ihnen auf Level drei zu bekommen, damit sie so stark wie möglich sind. Gemeinsam fungieren sie als Frontlinie, weil sie einen Schild bei jeder ausgeführten Fähigkeit erhalten.

Kombinieren kann man die Protectors mit den Sniper-Champions Jhin und Ashe. Vor allem Jhin kann sehr viel Schaden verursachen. Man kann ihn alternativ auch mit Vanguards kombinieren, sollte für den maximalen Schaden aber immer zwei weitere Dark-Star-Einheiten auf dem Feld haben, zum Beispiel Jarvan und Karma.

Auch die Protectors sind flexibel, sie harmonieren auch gut mit den Mystics, die eurem Team Magieresistenz verleihen und über schützende Fähigkeiten verfügen.

Wie immer gilt in TFT: Probieren geht über Studieren. Findet selbst heraus, welche Strategie für euch am besten funktioniert. Die oben genannten haben sich bisher für viele Spieler als erfolgreich erwiesen.

Bildquelle: Riot Games

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PS Plus April 2020 free PS4 games: Get unmissable PlayStation Plus deal before it’s gone

With Sony getting ready to announce the PS Plus free games for April 2020, now is a great time to renew your subscription.

Ahead of the official PlayStation Plus free PS4 game reveal, fans can save big on an annual subscription.

This month’s biggest and best PS Plus deal can be found by visiting online retailer ShopTo.

ShopTo is currently selling a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership for just £39.85. That’s a saving of 20%.

As a digital membership, the PS Plus subscription will be delivered immediately, which means you can use it to bag the March and April free PS4 games.

The March 2020 free games include the wonderful Shadow of the Colossus, as well as Sonic Forces.

If a recent leak is anything to go by, the games will be replaced by Uncharted 4 and Dirt 2.0 on April 7.

If you’re thinking of checking out PS Plus but don’t want to commit to the full year, then you might want to try CD Keys instead.

At the time of writing, CD Keys is selling 3 month PlayStation Plus subscriptions for just £16.99.

After purchasing the subscription, CDKeys will send you a confirmation email with a download link.

After verifying your phone number, you will be sent a pin, which can then be used to access your code.

Once you have the code, just visit the PlayStation Store, select the redeem codes option and then enter your number.

It’s worth pointing out that this deal is currently only available to fans in the UK, although similar deals are available for customers in other regions.

The pick of the current batch of PS Plus games is undoubtedly Shadow of the Colossus.

The game sees players attempt to defeat 16 colossal creatures in order to bring a lost love back to life.

“One of the most highly acclaimed and beloved video games of all time, Shadow of the Colossus has been reborn for a new generation on PlayStation 4,” reads the official description.

“With improved visuals, enhanced performance and optional updated controls – the iconic PS2 adventure has been given a staggering makeover, and is now more breathtaking than ever before.”

Sonic Forces, on the other hand, is a Sega platformer featuring a blend of 2D and 3D levels.

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7 Must-Have Smart Home Technologies in 2020

When it comes to smart devices that you can install in your home, your options are endless. Literally, there are dozens of gadgets that were created with the goal of making our everyday lives easier. What’s more, there are numerous additional ones designed to entertain you whenever you feel down or bored.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the most popular items that homeowners usually invest in. Taking into consideration that technology is a big part of our lives, you are going to be familiar with some of our suggestions, and some of them surely you already own and use.

1. Smart TV

We are going to start with basics, a piece of technology that every household possesses – a TV. For decades now, the TV has been the biggest source of one’s entertainment, and this is true today, even though there are numerous other devices people use.

If you have just bought a new TV or you are moving into a new home, and are in need of any kind of service, contact the professionals that are going to provide you the TV aerial Installation Hull services and you can learn more about them.

Having a smart TV comes with many benefits. By opting for this one, you will turn it into an entertainment center. Download the necessary app and connect it with your smartphone. This way not only can you use it to watch programs, but also to access platforms such as YouTube, play video games, scroll through social media platforms, check your emails, and so on.

2. A virtual assistant

Smart speakers were created for multiple purposes besides entertainment. The most popular one is the Amazon Echo that features Alexa. Simply put, you can ask Alexa to do almost anything. Do you want to listen to some music? Ask her to play your favorite tunes. Do you want to find the location of some business or company? Ask her to find it for you. Do you want to order pizza? Tell her to do it.

Another great benefit of investing in this is that you can connect it with other smart devices in your home. This means that you will be able to manage most of the technologies in your house just by using your voice.

Moreover, you can go with a device that has a screen and that allows you to make video calls or watch something online. There are multiple other gadgets that you can investigate.

3. Security camera and doorbell

Video doorbells have been popular for quite some time now because they allow people to see who is at the door on their TVs. However, now, there are smart video doorbells that you can connect with your smartphone or any other device you choose.

Similarly, you should opt for installing a smart security camera. As you can assume, these also provide you with the opportunity to check on your property when away via phone or some other device. However, now you have the chance to use different kinds of features and program the software according to your liking. You will be able to eliminate the false alarms and even to program it in a way so that it would alert the police in case of an emergency.

4. Smart lock

While on the subject of your front door and security, we are going to introduce you to this type of lock. The biggest benefit of installing one of these is that you won’t have to worry about bringing your keys everywhere with you. You will be able to unlock the door by simply typing in the code you have chosen.

What does this mean? Well, basically, you won’t have to keep an extra key under your mat, and won’t have to rush home every time your kids forget to bring their keys, or on the other hand, you won’t have to be the one waiting if this happens to you. In addition, you will know who has access to your home because no one can enter it without the code.

5. A robot vacuum

Don’t you agree with us that this is one of the greatest inventions with it comes to house-cleaning gadgets? If you are one of those people that hate vacuuming, then you need to get this device. Why? Well, it will do all the work for you – all you have to do is to turn it on, and you can do this via a virtual assistant.

Nowadays, there are multiple models of robot vacuum on the market, so make sure to investigate all their features. They will clean all the dust and dirt from your floors, and some of them have a mopping feature. You can even add the map of the layout of your furniture so that the device would know where to move.

6. A thermostat

One of the most important benefits of having a smart thermostat in your home is that you will save a lot of energy. What are we talking about? Since you will be able to manage it via your phone, you will be able to choose the temperature in your apartment at any moment. This means that you will be able to lower the temperature remotely if you won’t be home for some time, or on the other hand, increase it so that you would enter into a warm room.

Just don’t forget to think about the plants you have or even pets and make sure to create the perfect climate for them while you are away.

7. Lights

Having smart lights in your home is another way to be energy-efficient. When it comes to these, you can opt for installing a few bulbs in certain areas of the home, or on the other hand, you can change all of them.

Why should you get these? Well, first of all, as you can imagine, you will be able to manage the entire system remotely. You can even program the lights to come on and off occasionally while you are on vacation to increase the security of your home. In addition, you can completely change the interior of the house by dimming the lights according to your preference. Finally, let’s be honest, these are simply more convenient since you can connect them with Alexa or even the smart lock.

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Animal Crossing Iron Nuggets: How to get iron nuggets in New Horizons, fast

Animal Crossing New Horizons has finally arrived, and it looks to have sold well while proving popular with casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Early days in your island can be slow, but one of Tom Nook’s early tasks requires players to collect materials to build a shop for the residents.

While wood, softwood and hardwood are all easily earned by swinging your axe at trees, you’ll also need thirty iron nuggets – and they’re a little trickier to get hold of.

Here’s our guide to earning them.

How to get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get Iron Nuggets, you’ll need either an Axe or Shovel. Don’t worry, you can use the flimsy versions, so they’re easy to craft.

Once you have either one, scour your island for a large rock on the ground and hit it with your tool of choice.

Each hit will release one or more of the following materials (up to eight materials per rock), and you can hit each rock three times.

  • Iron Nuggets

  • Clay

  • Stone

  • Gold Nuggets

While the first three are crafting materials (and well worth picking up in their own right), Gold Nuggets can be sold for 10,000 bells each – but they are rare.

When your tool bounces off the rocks, you’ll find your character moves a little. That can make it a little tricky to line up for those rapid-fire, more efficient swings. To give yourself a ‘buffer’ of sorts, try and dig a hole diagonally to keep you in line, or craft log stakes to achieve the same effect.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee you’ll earn Iron Nuggets, so you’ll have to keep trying. If you’ve exhausted a rock, you’ll have to wait until the next day or visit another island and bash some more.

Not picked up Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet but wondering if it’ll keep you going through self-isolation? We’ve got good news – our reviewer awarded it a five-star rating, and that was BEFORE we were forced to stay indoors for three weeks. Check it out here.

Read More

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guides

  • How to pay Tom Nook FAST
  • How to find Iron Nuggets?
  • How to get the ladder?
  • How to visit other islands?
  • How to visit a Friend's Island
  • How to get recipes and how to craft

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Resident Evil 3 Remake – Release Date, Resistance Multiplayer Beta, Demo, Gameplay, And What We Know So far

Update: Resident Evil 3’s multiplayer component, Resident Evil Resistance, is currently in its final open beta, which you can download now. However, it’s only available for download for Xbox One right now, as it’s been delayed on PS4 and PC. Still, if you’re rearing to try RE3, you can download the free demo, which was also recently made available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We’ve updated the feature below with more information, as well as a story recap. For more how about the game is shaping up, you can read our Resident Evil 3 preview detailing our impressions of the two hours we played.

Resident Evil 3 is real. After a bout of rumors and leaks, the Resident Evil 3 remake was officially announced during Sony’s final State of Play presentation of 2019. The game is, obviously, a remake of Capcom’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from 1999, and it’s coming packaged with another game too–which producers Masachika Kawata and Peter Fabiano spoke more about following the trailer reveal.

It’s crazy to think that a remake for Resident Evil 3 is coming so soon, but apparently Capcom always knew it wanted to revisit the classic game for a while–as long as Resident Evil 2, it seems. This may not mean much to you if you’re a series newcomer, so if you’re not sure what to expect with this upcoming remake, stay with us!

We’ve collected all the information we have about the RE3 remake and its companion game Resident Evil Resistance, including platforms, release date, gameplay details, information on story and characters, and more. We’ll continue to update this story as we find out more.

  • Announcement, Reveal, And Character Trailer
  • Story and Characters
  • Gameplay Impressions: How’s Resident Evil 3 Shaping Up So Far?
  • Free Demo
  • Release Date
  • Platforms
  • PC Specs
  • Pre-Order and Collector’s Edition
  • Multiplayer (Resident Evil Resistance)

Resident Evil 2 was one of our Best Games of 2019–read our thoughts on why we loved Resident Evil 2 and what makes it more than just a remake.

Announcement, Reveal, And Character Trailer

Rumors of a Resident Evil 3 remake began in early December 2019, with cover art appearing on the PlayStation Store. Since the leak occurred prior to The Game Awards, some speculated that an official announcement would be coming then.

Instead, Resident Evil 3 was announced during Sony’s State of Play presentation on December 10, 2019. Despite the rumors, it was a bit of a surprise reveal–the announcer introduced the trailer as the “unannounced campaign portion of Capcom’s Project Resistance.” Project Resistance is Capcom’s 1v4 asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2019, but with no ties to Resident Evil 3 at the time. Well, surprise–Resistance is coming packaged with RE3.

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Destiny 2's Fourth Horseman Exotic Quest Guide: How To Earn The Shotgun

The Season of the Worthy has added its first Exotic quest to Destiny 2, returning the four-barreled shotgun The Fourth Horseman from the original Destiny. It’s a fairly formidable weapon, although seems a better bet in PvE content than in something like the newly restarted Trials of Osiris. You’ll need to complete an Exotic quest to get the new shotgun, however, and that means going to some effort to explore the Tower. Here’s where to go and what to do to get your Fourth Horseman and become death.

Update: Bungie has fixed a bug in Destiny 2 that prevented the correct Legendary Lost Sector from becoming available in the EDZ Seraph Bunker. That means you can now finish the quest to get The Fourth Horseman. Check out the full guide below.

How To Start The “In Rides A Pale Horse” Exotic Quest

To get started on your quest for The Fourth Horseman, head to the Tower and visit Zavala. He’ll give you the Exotic quest “In Rides a Pale Horse,” which dispatches you to a Vanguard vault to find the gun. First, though, you’ll need to visit his office.

The mission marker will appear on your map, but it’s not immediately obvious how to find it. You’ll need to go down to a lower level to find the office, which is between the Courtyard and Bazaar sections of the Tower. Find the corner next to Banshee’s desk for a staircase that will lead you down. You can also jump off the bridge heading toward the Bazaar, but that’s a little more difficult to do.

Zavala’s Office

Continue down the stairs to find a lower bridge, then head toward the Bazaar side to enter Zavala’s office. It’s big and gold, so you’ll know it when you see it. There’s a staircase on the right side that will lead you to the Vanguard vault, but the door is closed. You’ll need to find a secret way in.

When you get to the vault room, turn around and look at the stairs you just came down. Crouch and slip underneath them to find a vent you can enter. Follow it until you drop down, then jump over the gap and take the stairs. You’ll enter a hallway with a ramen vending machine. Hang a left and look for another vent you can climb into above you.

From here, continue forward to the end of the path (don’t take the right turn that’ll drop you down) to exit this vent into another staircase. Follow it toward a pile of crates, climb back into the ceiling, and look for the hole you can drop out of to get into the vault. Unfortunately, The Fourth Horseman is already missing.

Missing In Action

Return to Zavala, who’s upset someone stole the gun and slipped in under Vanguard security. He’ll send you to Ana Bray in hopes of figuring out who took The Fourth Horseman. Head to Mars’s Braytech Futurescape and talk to Ana next.

It seems the Cabal might be responsible, but you need intel to proceed. Your next job is to kill Cabal and to complete public events on Mars.

Your best bet is to fire up Escalation Protocol, as killing Cabal enemies is going to take a while. It looks as though the requirements for enemies killed is at least 300 or more, so doing activities like Lost Sectors isn’t going to get you much in the way of progress. It’ll take more than one complete Escalation Protocol run to complete the quest, though, so get ready for a long haul. When you’re done, return to Ana.

In The Shadows

It seems Calus is involved, as are his “Shadows,” the secret assassins he employs. Ana says Calus has double agents in the Red Legion. Take to the wilderness again and kill Cabal Psions and loot Cabal chests to advance the quest.

You don’t need to stay on Mars for this one, so it’s a good idea to try your luck somewhere less crowded, like the EDZ or Mercury. Cabal chests in the world are good for a big boost to your quest progress, so equip a chest-finding Ghost shell such as Eris Morn’s Shell for best speed. You’ll get anywhere from 10%-20% per chest–it seems weirdly variable–and only 2% per Psion.

Complete your intel-gathering and you’ll be directed to speak to Benedict 99-40, the weird sweeper frame that’s actually a secret Calus agent. You’ll find him in the Annex portion of the Tower, so make your way there.

Under Our Nose

It seems Calus sent a Shadow to snag The Fourth Horseman to kill members of the Red Legion, but the Shadow was killed. Apparently, there’s some family drama between Calus and his daughter, who intercepted the gun. To find out more, you’ll need to kill more enemies.

Fly to the EDZ next. You’ll need to kill enemies, complete patrols, and do public events to advance further. Grab some bounties and go nuts.

This one’s a bit of a grind. You’ll only get about 12% progress for completing public events (although it doesn’t seem like Heroic adds anything, so don’t bother doing the tougher versions), 5% for completing patrols, and much less than 1% per enemy killed. Thus, publics are your best bet, and if you can pick up some easy patrols while you do them, all the better.

When you’re done, return to the Tower to speak to Benedict once again.

Rein It In

Benedict tells you that Calus figured out where The Fourth Horseman is: the EDZ (again). You need to complete The Quarry Lost Sector on Legendary difficulty, which is only available through the EDZ Seraphim Bunker Bunker.

Bungie reported that Destiny 2 was suffering from a bug that changed which Legendary Lost Sector was available today–it was supposed to be The Quarry, but for a few hours after the weekly reset, it was Skydock IV. The Quarry is now available and it’s possible to finish the Exotic quest and earn The Fourth Horseman.

Legendary Lost Sectors have a suggested Power level of 1,000, and they can be pretty tough if you haven’t upgraded your Seraph Bunker to allow for things like the Valkyrie or Heavy Frames to help you in battle. You’ll want to bring Anti-Barrier and Unstoppable mods to deal with the champions you’ll face in The Quarry. If you’re underleveled, recruit a couple more Guardians to give you a hand.

Complete the Lost Sector and you’ll complete the “In Rides a Pale Horse” quest, unlocking The Fourth Horseman immediately. Enjoy the fruits of your labor becoming a pestilence on the Crucible.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Leak Hints At Duos And Quads

According to a recent leak on Reddit, Call of Duty: Warzone will be adding duos and quads modes some time in the near future. Although the information isn’t verified, the game added a singles mode soon after its release, so there is good reason to believe that these additional modes on on their way as well.

Trios mode has been available since the game’s launch, and many consider it to be Warzone in its purest form. Just like other battle royale games though, it sounds like new modes will continue to be added as time goes on.

Although a duos mode sounds reasonable, a quads Warzone mode sounds like it might get pretty intense. Given that each player will have a chance to go to the Gulag, as well as the option to purchase a self-revive kit, and the ability to bring their teammates back, that final circle might be filled with many more players than we’re used to.

Activision has plans to go much further than simply adding duos and quads modes. A high action mode is supposedly coming, which will be faster paced with less time to escape the gas. There will also be a shotty snipers battle royale mode, and a one shot battle royale mode, both of which will not allow players to call in loadouts.

Finally, Warzone will be adding both a realism mode, and a hardcore mode to battle royale, which will follow the same rules as the standard Modern Warfare modes of the same name. So if you can’t get enough of Call of Duty‘s new battle royale game, it sounds like you might be in luck.

Along with this Warzone information, the leak revealed some upcoming info regarding Modern Warfare‘s Season 3. Apparently, the maps, Backlot, from Call of Duty 4, and Village, from Modern Warfare 3, are headed to the game soon, along with two new weapons and two new operators.

Considering that all of this information leaked together, we can anticipate that these new Warzone modes will come in line with Modern Warfare‘s Season 3, which is scheduled to drop on April 6. Activision has been adding loads of content to Modern Warfare since its November 2019 release, and it looks like there’s only more to come.

Source: Reddit

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