A Bunch Of Metal Gear Solid Soundtracks Are Now Available On Spotify

Konami Europe has added a bunch of Metal Gear Solid soundtracks to its Spotify account. Nine playlists, which include the Metal Gear Solid IV and V official soundtracks, songs cut from the MGSV soundtrack, and a selection of songs from the older games in 20th Anniversary and 25th Anniversary collections, are available to listen to.

The Metal Gear Solid V OST had been previously available on Spotify, but the extended version, plus the vocal tracks and the lost tapes are also new. The collection also includes the OST for Metal Gear Survive for those who want to experience the score without playing the game.

Konami Europe has a number of other game soundtracks available on its Spotify page, with albums from Castlevania, Silent Hill, and the recently released Skelattack.

Recently the PS3 community achieved total nuclear disarmament in Metal Gear Solid V, unlocking a hidden cutscene 5 years after release.

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