Check Out These Halo Nerf Blasters, And Yes They Include The Needler

Hasbro’s brand Nerf has spent the past few years bringing iconic weaponry from the world of video games into the real world. Fortnite got its own blasters and a few Super Soakers, and Overwatch got some really cool blasters as well. Now, Nerf is moving forward with its next installment, Halo.

Praise be on Master Chief and The Covenant as Nerf has three different blasters coming out this fall based on the Halo franchise. Check out the first images of these blasters below.

First is the Halo MA40 Blaster, inspired by the weapon in the upcoming Halo Infinite. This is the premiere blaster from the upcoming set, and it features a clip that holds 10 darts. The MA40 takes four C batteries in order to fire the darts. Additionally, the blaster comes with a code to unlock the MA40’s color scheme in Halo: Infinite. The retail price for the blaster is $50.

There are also two blasters from the Microshot line arriving in October. First is the SPNKR, based on the UNSC weapon of the same name. This is a one-shot blaster that comes with two darts, and it will retail for $10. And finally, there’s the Covenant’s Needler. Sure, the darts don’t home in on your enemy nor will they explode, but this mini-blaster does have the look of the Halo weapon. It comes with two darts and will cost $10.

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All of these Nerf Halo blasters will be available at many major retailers across the nation on October 1.

As for the game that the blasters come from, Halo: Infinite won’t release until this holiday season. There isn’t a lot known about the latest installment in the Halo franchise, many have speculated that it will be an open-world game, but there is no confirmation of that at this time, although there are those “leaks” of a character with a grappling hook. More recently, developer 343 Industries released some videos of how they capture the sounds of the weapons for the game.

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