Code Vein Second DLC Launches Tomorrow, Introduces New Boss And Weapons

Revenants beware, as Bandai Namco has confirmed that Code Vein’s second DLC is set to arrive on February 26 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In a press release, Bandai Namco detailed the Frozen Empress, Code Vein’s second major piece of downloadable content following the Hellfire Knight expansion. It can be downloaded for free for those who own the game’s $25 Season Pass or purchased individually for $10 on various digital storefronts.

Similar to Hellfire Knight, Frozen Empress introduces a plethora of additions. These include new weapons, bloode veils, face paints, items, skins, and more. But the headlining feature of this second DLC is the addition of a new boss: the Frozen Empress herself.

Defeating the Frozen Empress will net you some new equipment and skills, such as the Ymir Blood Code that “reproduces the power” of Code Vein’s latest boss. You will also get the Blood Mist Halberd, a “high-strength scaling” lightweight longer-range melee weapon perfect for zoning and spacing out your enemies.

In addition to the new enemy, weapons, and such, the Frozen Empress also opens up a new location to explore. The Celestial Ice Prison is a frigid, multi-layer structure lined with ice pillars and hidden loot. You can find the map for the new area in the room extending from Crypt Spire to Provisional Government Outskirts.

Bandai Namco recently celebrated an impressive Code Vein sales milestone, announcing that its take on anime Dark Souls has sold more than one million copies worldwide.

In GameSpot’s Code Vein review, we awarded the game a 6/10. Reviewer Richard Wakeling wrote, “You can see the fragments of a fantastic game hidden within these systems and its meaty combat feedback, but the mundanity of its enemies and the effect they have on nullifying the combat’s enjoyment prevent Code Vein from ever realizing its potential.”

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