Destiny 2 Season 11 Revealed: Season of Arrivals Launches Today

We’ve known for some time that Season 11 of Destiny 2 would launch today, June 9, but Bungie had been unusually quiet about it. Some gameplay adjustments were shared before now, but even the name was a secret. Bungie has now revealed Season 11 as part of its livestream event: It’s called Season of Arrivals, and it begins today as the concluding chapter of the current season pass before the next big expansion arrives this fall, Beyond Light.

Season of Arrivals introduces a new dungeon called Prophecy, and it will be available later today–you can watch a trailer for it below. New DAITO Foundry armor and reprised Trials of the Nine armor sets will both be available as rewards for those who can tackle the challenge.

A new “Contact” public event is also being added. These take place underneath a pyramid ship that has arrived on Io. On Io, you’ll also find Messages of Darkness that fill in some kind of lore, which will presumably set up what’s to come in Beyond Light.

A new system for “Focusing” Engrams, which allows you to choose your own rewards, joins the game as part of this expansion. This way, you aren’t quite as beholden to the random number gods in determining what you get. You’ll need to earn the ability to Focus before being able to do this, however.

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