Fall Guys Amassed A Huge Player Count During Its First 24 Hours

Developer Mediatonic has shared the extent of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s launch day traffic, and the numbers are mightily impressive for a new indie game. During its first 24 hours on sale, the wacky 60-person battle royale had over 1.5 million new players. This number is split between both Steam and PlayStation 4, where the game is available for free on the latter if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Fall Guys launched yesterday to immense popularity. The massively online party game already took Twitch by storm during its beta period, becoming the most-watched game on the streaming platform during the weekend of July 27. So it’s no surprise that the game’s servers struggled to handle the load in the hours following its release.

According to SteamDB, the peak for concurrent players on PC currently stands at 76,520. Mediatonic also announced yesterday afternoon that the overall number of concurrent players on both platforms was over 120k, but that number may have risen since then. PlayStation Plus has certainly contributed to those 1.5 million new players, but that hasn’t stopped Fall Guys from reaching the top of the Steam top sellers list either.

Mediatonic says it’s working on the first patch for the game and is listening to community feedback and ideas (fewer team games, please). There are already plans for new levels, features, and costumes in the future as well.

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