Footage Of Canceled Avengers Game Emerges, Looks A Lot Like Left 4 Dead

If you’ve been waiting for any news on the much-delayed Avengers game set to release later this year, we’ve got the next-best thing. Footage of a cancelled Avengers game has emerged in the wild, hosted on the YouTube channel of gaming historian Andrew Borman. The game was originally scheduled to release alongside the first Avengers film back in 2012, but Marvel cancelled the contract with embattled publisher THQ, leading to its cancellation.

Based on the footage, it’s safe to say that the Avengers game followed much in the mold of four-player co-op games first inaugurated by Left 4 Dead, with each player controlling a different member of the squad: Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man. A short trailer featuring gameplay was released on YouTube back in 2012, but this is a much more complete look at what the game might’ve looked like.

Square-Enix’s long-in-development Avengers game is set to release this September, following a delay. According to a recent announcement, there will be a special stream for the game on June 24 as part of the publisher’s replacement E3 event.

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