Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's Immersive Mode Delayed

If you’re a Ghost Recon fan itching for a more realistic take on the tactical shooting that the series is known for, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. In a blog post, Ubisoft announced that the promised immersive mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be delayed into later this spring, along with the new engineer class.

“The complexity of integrating this new mode has proven to be a challenge and we want to ensure that the experience will be a great one when it releases,” part of the statement reads.

This immersive mode comes as part of a larger effort by Ubisoft to improve the flagging fortunes of Breakpoint. More details on this new mode will be revealed on March 5. Additionally, Ubisoft says that it will try to better communicate the state of the game’s development in the future, after some fans in the Breakpoint subreddit expressed skepticism that the update would roll out in February as planned.

On the game’s initial release in October 2019, Breakpoint was savaged by critics and fans alike, which contributed to Ubisoft’s decision to delay several big games, including Watch Dogs Legion. In our review, Richard Wakeling called Breakpoint “a confused mishmash of disparate ideas that struggle to coalesce in an enjoyable way.”

“There’s some surprising fun to be had stealthily infiltrating enemy compounds and playing with friends, but Breakpoint is still a generic and distinctly sub-par game. It’s essentially every Ubisoft open-world game rolled into one, failing to excel in any one area or establish its own identity. Breakpoint is a messy, confused game and a ghost of the series’ former self.”

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