GOG Now Allows Refunds On All Games Within 30 Days Of Purchase

If you’ve been burned in the past by a game purchase you regret, GOG just announced a policy that might please you. The game store formerly known as Good Old Games will now allow users to refund a game within 30 days of purchase, even if you’re launched or played it. The policy does not apply to gifts received from friends or for individual DLC packs, however.

According to the policy details, GOG says that it may refuse refunds in cases where users attempt to “hurt the developers that put their time and heart into making great games.” While it’s difficult to know exactly what that means, given that there’s no stated limit to the number of refunds offered, users should probably refrain from refunding every game they mildly dislike, lest they lose the privilege entirely.

This new refund policy is perhaps the most generous offered by any of the various PC game storefronts on the current market. Both Steam and the Epic Games Store allow users to request refunds for any reason within two weeks of purchase, provided that they have not played the game for more than two hours. GOG’s policy has no such cap.

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