Marvel's Avengers Will Introduce An All-New Superpowered Character To The Comic Universe

Crystal Dynamics has revealed a new character for their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, and it’s someone we’ve never seen in the comics or movies. In a new post on Square Enix’s website, the team is introducing Cerise–a new “inhuman” team member.

Cerise is a wheelchair user, and the motion capture for her was provided by accessibility specialist Cherry Thompson. The post is light on details about the character, but game designer Mariah Robinson talks about the importance of accessibility and representation to the team. “We have been working on a variety of ways to represent diversity,” she says. “We see all kinds of people in our society, so why not reflect that in our in-game world?”

Senior community and social media manager Meagan Marie shares similar sentiments in the interview. “The fantasy of being a Super Hero is universal, so options that allow players to customize their experience to fit specific needs and playstyles means we can share our vision with even more fans,” she says.

The presence of Cerise suggests that there could be other original characters in the game too–hopefully we’ll find out more when the next gameplay footage debuts on June 24.

Marvel’s Avengers is due to launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 1, 2020.

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