Respawn Has Changed Apex Legends' Map Rotation In Response To Player Feedback

With The Old Ways event, Respawn added map rotation to Apex Legends, a feature that fans have long-requested for the battle royale game. However, since it was added, players have been asking Respawn to tweak the rotation system so as to make it easier to complete daily and weekly challenges. The developer has listened to the feedback and implemented a number of changes to the rotation–and snuck in a World’s Edge map change to begin teasing what’s coming in Season 5, a season that should provide a “pleasant surprise” for Titanfall fans.

Kings Canyon After Dark has been removed from the rotation completely. And now when Season 2 Kings Canyon shows up, it will be for a shorter period of time, giving players a better chance of completing World’s Edge daily and weekly challenges. With Season 4 coming to a close, there’s not much time left to complete the current battle pass.

In other Apex Legends news, The Old Ways Lore Event is still running until April 21, offering a Town Takeover in World’s Edge and a new exclusive prize track with exclusive cosmetics. A special Twitch Prime skin for Wraith is also available until May 14.

Apex Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Editor’s Note: In a previous version of this article, the writer said that Season 2 Kings Canyon was being phased out of the map rotation entirely. This is not true–Respawn is only shortening the amount of time the map will be in the rotation to increase players’ time on World’s Edge.

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