Riot’s new shooter, Project A, is called Valorant, according to leaks

In late 2019, Riot revealed Project A, a tactical shooter that looked similar to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Aside from a handful of tweets from a Counter-Strike pro player, Riot has yet to reveal much about Project A. But a new series of leaks could reveal a possible name for the game and some of its characters.

According to fan Twitter account, ProjectAOnline, Project A’s official name is Valorant. Community members discovered a Valorant website trademark from Riot, and found a dormant Twitter handle called PlayValorant. The account has never tweeted, but joined Twitter in February of 2020. It currently has 11,000 followers.

Another fan account, ValorantTheGame, shared a leaked image of Sage — a character players likely saw in some early-game footage of Project A. According to the leak, Sage has four abilities: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb, Healing Orb, and Resurrection. The Barrier Orb creates a wall, while the slow orb lays down a slowing field for players. The Healing Orb heals allies and Sage’s Resurrection ability can bring an allied player back to life.

Tensa, a professional Overwatch player, also tweeted about Sage. With Riot bringing professional Counter-Strike players like HenryG out to see the game, it’s possible Tensa and other Overwatch pros have also spent time with Project A — making Tensa’s tweet the closest thing we have to confirmation of Sage’s existence.

The leaked image above also reveals the name of two other potential Project A characters: Brimstone and Viper. At the bottom of the image, players can see a cast of eight characters — one of which has a lock icon over it. In the upper left, there’s an icon that says “Bind. Unranked.” It seems likely that Bind is the name of the map or game type, with Unranked being the game mode. Sage is also referred to as a “Sentinel,” which could be a kind of class specification.

It’s unclear how accurate these leaks are, or when we will hear official word from Riot about Project A’s real name and its cast of characters. Another fan community, the official Twitter account for the Valorant subreddit, suggests fans could learn more about Project A on March 2.

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