Trippy New Puzzle Game Maquette Has You Explore A World Within Itself

Maquette, a new first-person puzzler from Graceful Decay and published by Annapurna Interactive, has been announced for PC. It’s will release on Steam, but currently has no release date.

A love story wrapped in a puzzle game, Maquette is billed as a recursive puzzler where you’ll explore a world within itself. Approach the center of the core grand structure, and you’ll be greeted with a smaller representation of the level you’re in. Manipulating one level has an immediate effect on the other, letting you witness small objects existing as much large ones in the same view.

It’s a concept that’s quite striking, as you can see in the reveal trailer above. Each level features new puzzles that tie into an ongoing imaginative love story, using the world’s sense of scale to accentuate how small issues can have large effects on its surroundings.

Maquette was originally shown off at the Games Developers Conference in 2011, where Grateful Decay founder Hanford Lemoore received praised for the idea. Annapurna Interactive, who recently helped launch mobile hit Florence on Nintendo Switch, will handle publishing. It is playable at PAX East this weekend.

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