Wolcen Update Nerfs Imbalanced Bane Of Tyranny Ability

After leaving Early Access and getting marred by some technical issues, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem received a brand-new patch that makes some significant nerfs to a few of the game’s abilities.

One particular nerf hits the minor passive ability Bane of Tyranny. The ability is part of the Siege Breaker branch of passive skills, and when unlocked it granted a ridiculous damage multiplier of +50. But developer Wolcen Studio has scaled that back, bringing Bane of Tyranny to a more modest 0.5 multiplier instead.

The Secure Parry minor passive ability was nerfed as well, going from 10% health regeneration per Inexorable point down to 0.1%. Additionally, Wolcen Studio increased the Acute Tracking node to hold a maximum of 10 Cold Blooded points instead of the five maximum previously.

Elsewhere in the patch, Wolcen Studio fixed a number of network issues and bugs, such as problems revolving around date loading and retrieval, missing audio, duplicating items, text typos, and more.

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The team also said that in an effort to prevent further issues from occurring, patches will be implemented once per week and server capacity will be limited for a while. This is a temporary situation though, as Wolcen Studio confirmed that it’s working to upgrade its server infrastructure.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has seemingly been a success for developer Wolcen Studio, with Steam Charts reporting that the Diablo-inspired isometric RPG reached a peak Steam concurrent player count of 127,542, up from the studio’s previously confirmed 1,934. Still, the massive jump in players doesn’t mean Lords of Mayhem is a shoo-in for PS4 and Xbox One, though Wolcen Studio would “like to extend it to consoles.”

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