FIFA, Apex Legends servers down in widespread outage, EA says

Electronic Arts says it’s investigating widespread problems with FIFA players connecting to the game’s servers, which appear to be down for multiple versions and multiple years of the soccer series.

In a tweet posted shortly after noon ET today, the publisher said:

We are aware of the complaints around connecting to EA servers and are actively investigating. Match creation has been temporarily disabled to prevent disconnects during this time.

The Twitter account for FIFA Mobile also reported problems. “We’re aware that some players are unable to login and our engineering team is investigating,” EA said. “Will update as we have more info.”

Electronic Arts’ general support Twitter account also said the company was experiencing “issues with our websites, games, and services.” GameSpot reports that the outage also affects Apex Legends and games other than FIFA.

Polygon attempted early this afternoon to connect to FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4 and FIFA 17 on Xbox One, and was unable to do so. Numerous tweets from FIFA players say online play and Ultimate Team are down.

We’ve reached out to Electronic Arts for more information.


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