Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets Its First PS4 Patch

It feels like a lifetime ago when Final Fantasy VII Remake dropped on PlayStation 4 in April 2020. Now, seven months after launch, Square Enix has released the first patch for the action-RPG–and it doesn’t do much according to the patch notes

To be more specific, update version 1.01 simply “fixed various bugs.” That’s the one and only line of patch notes you can see when viewing the game’s update history on PlayStation 4. Square Enix has not expanded on what the “various bugs” are. And both the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Square Enix Twitter accounts have not publicly mentioned this update.

According to Push Square, the update fixes game crashes, addresses freezing and frame rate drops, irons out stuttering and lag, and implements performance and stability improvements. But again, neither the developer nor publisher has said what update version 1.01 does.

Despite whatever update version 1.01 is supposed to do, Final Fantasy VII Remake players are still running into texture issues in which objects look polygonal and assets don’t fully load.

In other Final Fantasy VII Remake news, the game shipped and sold over five million copies as of August 2020. The game has been a success for Square Enix, setting huge sales records since launch. And now, the second part of the three-part series is in full development.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the few games that has received the coveted 10/10 score. In our Final Fantasy VII Remake review, editor Tamoor Hussain said the game is an “astounding achievement,” a title that can be enjoyed by first-time players and returning fans alike.

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