Finished FF7 Remake? A Bunch Of Other Final Fantasy Games Are On Sale For PS4

By now you may have finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and whether it sparked your nostalgia or sheer curiosity for the series, you may want to try some other Final Fantasy games. Good news, then, because the PlayStation Network is currently discounting a bunch of Final Fantasy games as part of its Big in Japan sale that just launched.

The sale covers most of the Final Fantasy library–the numbered classics from the PS1 and PS2 eras as well as the more recent Final Fantasy XV. The games scale up in price based on how recently they were released, but even purchasing the entire collection would run you just over $80. They’re all playable on PS4.

  • Final Fantasy VII ($8) — This is the original version of the recently remade classic starring Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aeris. This is notably the entire FF7 story, which extends far past the point that the first entry in the multi-part Remake ends.
  • Final Fantasy VIII ($10) — The follow-up to the incredibly popular FF7 was more divisive, but packed loads of its own inventive ideas and flourishes. Focusing on the trainees of an elite battle academy, it introduced the world to the Gunblade and a Draw system that extracted magic spells from enemies.
  • Final Fantasy IX ($11) — After two games that embraced techno-futurism, Square Enix went back to more traditional fantasy tropes with this throwback that embraces the series’ history.
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster ($13) — The first Final Fantasy on the PS2 was a colorful journey, as you escorted a summoner on her pilgrimage. It was notably melancholy, which may be why it was one of only a few Final Fantasy games to get a true sequel. In X-2, you play as a trio of heroines with a job class system inspired by pop style. This collection includes both.
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age ($25) — This is the most recent of the collection and the most expensive because The Zodiac Age remaster was only put out in 2017. It’s a remaster of a highly-regarded game with an innovative Gambit system to set your party’s behaviors. And this comes just after it got a major update on PS4 that allows you to respec your jobs.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition ($18) — The last numbered Final Fantasy game (so far) features a foursome of boys out for a road trip before their prince’s pending nuptials. The Royal Edition includes all of the season pass content and DLC along with some other bonus extras.

The one notable exception on this list is Final Fantasy XIII, which led to two action-oriented sequels. While divisive, the FF7 Remake borrowed some ideas from the PS3 game. Meanwhile, the FF7 Remake itself is hitting big sales milestones.

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