For Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa, I will succumb to these chocolate ads

Square Enix is partnering with candy maker Ferrero to give away Final Fantasy 7 Remake goodies through purchases of chocolate. And I am forced to buy the chocolate.

Starting on March 3, buying two Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, or Crunch bars will allow players to register the purchases online to redeem a dynamic PlayStation 4 theme featuring Tifa, iconically sitting on Nibelheim water tower. People who purchase the candy will also be able to redeem codes to download accessories, like different bangles and belts, once the game comes out. (You can check out the official rules and prizes at the official Butterfinger-Final Fantasy 7 Remake website.)

I normally do not participate in these types of promotional campaigns. I might typically make jokes like, “Do you think Cloud’s favorite candy is Butterfinger since he keeps letting his loved ones slip through his hands?” But no, this time I will participate and buy two Crunch bars (the best of the trio, no discussion), just to get this PS4 Tifa theme. I will buy and consume the crispy rice chocolate just so I can gaze upon her beauty every time I turn on my PlayStation. Honestly, Ferrero and Square Enix could tell me to spend $200 on chocolate to get the theme and I would probably still sprint to my closest convenience store.

The collaboration with a major brand isn’t too strange. Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 modeled for Louis Vuitton and Final Fantasy 15 had a huge Cup Noodle promotion. Cloud himself also posed for a Panasonic phone ad back when the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children movie came out.

The Ferrero promotion will take place from March 3 until May 14. Square Enix will release Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PlayStation 4 on April 10.

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