Path of Exile: Delirium lets players add even more to the game’s ridiculous skill tree

On Tuesday, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile: Delirium, the game’s first expansion in 2020. It’s an expansion about facing one’s inner fears, and makes some of the game’s legendary fights even more difficult. And as a reward, players can add new skills to the end of the game’s already ridiculous skill tree. An update with the expansion will go live in mid-March.

In different areas of Path of Exile, players can encounter the Mirror of Delirium. By interacting with the Mirror, players will shroud the nearby area in mist. The mist makes new monsters spawn and existing monsters more powerful. The mist can increase the difficulty in all kinds of situations, such as act bosses like the Brine King, and old expansion encounters like Ambush Strongboxes, Incursion, Breach, and Betrayal Encounters.

With Delirium, the harder the encounter, the better the rewards. Different areas offer different rewards, and players can eventually go to end-game maps and use Orbs of Delirium to apply Delirium to that area. As players travel deeper into the mist, farther away from the Mirror of Delirium, the fights get harder and the rewards get better.

The Jewel Clusters can completely change how your character plays
Image: Grinding Gear Games

One of the coolest things coming to Path of Exile with Delirium is a new item type called Cluster Jewels. Cluster Jewels are new skill tree nodes that players can use to customize their Exile. Players can earn these Cluster Jewels during the Delirium League, and attach them to a jewel socket at the edge of Path of Exile’s Passive Skill Tree.

With Jewel Clusters, players can create their own skill trees, and can even link some Jewel Clusters together. These Clusters are randomly generated, and they can come with a notable passive randomly selected from a pool of 280 new additions. Players can also re-roll the Clusters to fit their needs. Grinding Gear Games claims this is probably the biggest change to player builds since it added Ascendancy classes in 2016.

Path of Exile players can also pick up new skills like Blade Blast and Kinetic Bolt — both of which create new builds for knife-skill users and wand-wielders. There are also new Unique items coming to the game, and the popular Metamorph League will stick around as part of the main game.

Path of Exile: Delirium will hit PC live servers on March 13, and come to consoles a week later.

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