This Seinfeld game in Dreams is a real P.T.-style nightmare

Usually when I hear the iconic Seinfeld bass line, I’m pretty jazzed, because it’s time to sit down and enjoy some quality television. In the Dreams game created by Rare Bird Interactive, that same musical cue sends chills down my spine. In Seinfeld: The Horror Game, players take the role of Jerry’s nephew, Donathan. It casts the New York comedy in a sinister light.

I first became aware of Seinfeld: The Horror Game from a Twitter post, which shows Donathan exploring Kramer’s apartment and getting murdered by a haunted Mr. Marbles. I don’t think I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld but I’m pretty sure that never happened.

The biggest thing that struck me about this short video is the faithful replication of Jerry’s apartment. I instantly recognized the scene, and there’s a faithful attention to detail that makes this little preview shine. Seinfeld: The Horror Game is still in progress, and Rare Bird Interactive has an open call for volunteers who would like to contribute their skills to this interactive digital experience.

For fans of the GSCU (Greater Seinfeld Cinematic Universe), don’t worry — this game goes beyond Jerry’s apartment. This video shows off the iconic diner, which players can also explore.

Of course, all of Jerry’s decisions will come home to roost. His zany plans with Kramer and his string of ex-girlfriends look like they all factor into this plot.

Dreams is a powerful tool for developers to make all manner of games, but I have to admit I never saw a Seinfeld adaptation coming. Still, Seinfeld: The Horror Game looks like a fantastic start to an intriguing project. I hope young Donathan can make it out of New York City alive — hopefully no one asks him to send out any wedding invitations.

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