Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Codes For Resident Evil Outfits

If the Custom Designs app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems intimidating to you, you’re not alone. While the feature allows talented artists to craft some mind-blowing creations, the rest of us are left running around in shabby outfits and waving flags with lots of stars and hearts. Thankfully, New Horizons lets players share their masterpieces with each other. Naturally, gamers took this to heart and have recreated a wide range of Resident Evil inspired gear for their villagers.

How To Use Custom Designs

If you want to download these sweet designs, you’ll first have to unlock the Able Sisters’ shop — and that can take a bit of time. You’ll first have to unlock Nook’s Cranny and pay it a visit. There, you’ll meet Mabel who will occasionally visit your town and set up a temporary shop outside Resident Services. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what triggers it, but so long as you make regular purchases and spend a lot of Bells, they’ll ask you to set up a permanent shop for them.

Once that’s done, simply enter their store and head over to the kiosk in the back-right. From there you’ll have the option to enter in custom codes for designs made by other players. However, you’ll need to have a Nintendo Online subscription for it to properly work —otherwise you can’t even access the kiosk.

Resident Evil Codes

With the release of Resident Evil 3, why wouldn’t you want a bit of that to carry over to your island? Take advantage of these amazing designs and let your love for Resident Evil shine through!

First up is Leon’s jacket from Resident Evil 4, created by Twitter user @hunterjulian98:

There are also a few different Resident Evil 3 designs featuring Jill Valentine:



Finally, a bit of Umbrella Corp. for your island oasis:

We can’t imagine what other designs players will come up with in the future, but we can’t wait to find out. Since this is the first Animal Crossing game that’s truly been able to take advantage of social media, we’re bound to see incredible new creations on a daily basis.

Featured Image: @kujoestar

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