Call of Duty: Warzone – Is the MAC-10 Pay-To-Win?

There are plenty of things inside of Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone that are potentially broken. The infamous “infinite stim” glitch, for example, has made an appearance no less than three times. Recently, players have found that some of the weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone are also broken, leading to calls to nerf those weapons. Those calls were answered, but there is still one weapon, the MAC-10, that is causing issues—and it is leading some to wonder if it is meant to be a pay-to-win weapon.

As recently as a week ago, everyone that wanted to win a game on Call of Duty: Warzone was using a DMR. The weapon’s power was so dominant that some players were calling Warzone “unplayable” as long as the DMR was still a two-headshot kill. Ravensoft, the development company handling Warzone at the moment, answered player calls and promised to nerf the weapon; which they did, increasing the headshot requirement to three.

However, the other weapon that has consistently been the target of player ire is the MAC-10. The submachine gun was also recently nerfed, but only the base (and more importantly free) version of the weapon was nerfed. The paid version, on the other hand, still offers significantly increased stats, leaving at least one Twitch streamer and YouTuber wondering if the oversight was intentional.

YouTuber Nickmercs recently made a video discussing the balance issues that can be found in Call of Duty: Warzone, with both the DMR and MAC-10 at the center of his discussion. Specifically, the blueprint “Gallantry” for the MAC-10 appears to offer players the buffed version of the weapon—for a price. Nickermercs is willing to give the developers the benefit of the doubt, saying that the blueprint is “obviously just a mistake” but also posits that nobody can be sure.

Nickermercs continues by saying that he hopes that the developers fix the Gallantry blueprint before it looks like the MAC-10 is meant to be a pay-to-win weapon. Even with the nerfs to the MAC-10 and the DMR, some fans are still unsatisfied with the balance of the weapons, with some of them hoping for another nerf. If the Gallantry blueprint remains in the game for long without changes, it would be easy to assume that it was intended to be a pay-to-win scheme. Without news from the developers, we can only speculate what the intention was.

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