Dragon Quest Of The Stars – Paid Subscription Services Explained

Dragon Quest of the Stars is out now for mobile phones and it offers a portable Dragon Quest experience, with plenty of gacha monetization practices to try and steal the money from your wallet.

Along with the premium currency and random chance of drawing items, Dragon Quest of the Stars has a paid monthly subscription service that gives players extra items and features. There is also a variant of this subscription service that costs in-game currency rather than real money, but it has less items & features on offer. The in-game manuals for Dragon Quest of the Stars are lengthy and are trying to make the subscription services seem as appealing as possible, which is why TheGamer has broken down the content of each pass in order to keep consumers informed regarding their worth.

The Star Pass is a monthly subscription service that costs real money in exchange for additional items and features in the game. It can be purchased at any time after the tutorial is completed, but some of the features are restricted until the player has progressed in the story.

There are several benefits to purchasing a Star Pass subscription.

One Lucky Chest Draw – The player will receive one additional Lucky Chest draw per month.

Stamina Refill – The player can refill the party’s stamina meter back to maximum once per day.

+30 Luck Bonus – The player will gain a bonus to their luck while playing the multiplayer mode of the game. This is used for acquiring better treasure.

Auto Battle & Metal Monster Targeting – If you can’t be bothered to actually play Dragon Quest of the Stars, then buying a Star Pass will unlock the auto-battle functionality, which will complete battles for you, with the computer using skills automatically. The game will automatically break pots in dungeons to receive items. The party will target metal monsters first and will use the strongest skills to take care of them first.

Turbo Fast Forward  – It’s possible to speed the game up even more with this feature.

Extra Equipment Lockers – Once the player has reached Adventurer Rank 7, they will gain access to five equipment lockers instead of one. These can be used to store different equipment configurations. If the Star Pass expires, then the items contained within will be inaccessible to the player until they renew.

Star Pass Gem Pack (Purchase Rights) – The people who purchase a Star Pass can choose to pay more money for a Star Pass Gem Pack, earning Gems and Star Pass Coins, the former of which is used as the premium currency of the game, while the latter can be traded for items.

Continuation Bonus – Every third time the player renews/subscribes, they will gain an additional Lucky Chest draw.

A single month of the Star Pass service costs £8.99/$8.99. The first month is free, but it activates auto-renewal, so be sure to switch it off if you’re not sure if you want to continue using the service.

Star Adventurer’s Passport

The Star Adventurer’s Passport is a lesser version of the Star Pass, but it can be purchased with Gems instead of real money, which means that the player can spend the currency they earn in-game to acquire one. A two-week subscription costs 600 Gems.

The benefits of buying a Star Adventurer’s Passport include –

Five Lucky Chest Draws – The player gets tickets for five Lucky Chest draws, but the player can only use one ticket per day.

+25 Luck Bonus – The player will gain a bonus to their luck while playing the multiplayer mode of the game. This is used for acquiring better treasure.

Auto Battle – The same as with the Star Pass, except it doesn’t single out the metal monsters.

Turbo Fast Forward – Same as with the Star Pass.

Extra Equipment Lockers – Same as with the Star Pass, except the player receives three instead of five.

Star Pass Gem Pack (Purchase Rights) – Same as Star Pass, except the player only has seven days in which they can purchase a Star Pass Gem Pack.

Note – If you purchase a Star Pass while owning a Star Adventurer’s Pass, then the Star Pass will overwrite the benefits of the Star Adventurer’s Pass. The effects of the two cannot be combined.

Dragon Quest of the Stars is available now for Android & iOS devices.

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