FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut Makes a Splash on Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR Today

Archiact’s 2019 title FREEDIVER: Triton Down was a bit of a surprise videogame when it arrived last May, with the studio making very little song and dance about it. As it turned out the title proved to be a little gem, with the main grievance being that it was too short. So Archiact has gone and rectified that today by releasing a new version specifically for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest – FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut.

The studio says this new edition has been ‘reshaped from the ground up’ for both headsets with all-new gameplay content, features and a deeper story. Players additional areas to explore, some of which are in complete darkness to up the intensity. To aid you in these locations a new flashlight is available to illuminate the darkest corners. With new areas to explore there are also more puzzles to solve and dangers to evade, all the while trying to escape the stricken vessel.

“No matter how successful a game release maybe, the developers will always look back at the great content that was inevitably left on the cutting room floor and make all sorts of sad wistful noises,” Ken Thain, senior producer on the project said in a statement. “For us, the Extended Cut is a rare opportunity for us to revisit a title loved both by us and the players, building on everything that made the original great while exploring all the wild ideas we couldn’t let go of.”

In this underwater adventure, you play freediver Ren Tanaka, a passenger on the research ship R.S.V Triton. During a violent storm the vessel capsizes and begin to sinks, this is where Tanaka must use all her swimming abilities to find a path through the ship to the surface. The only resource that you need to worry about is oxygen, which becomes rarer the deeper you go.

When VRFocus reviewed the original FREEDIVER: Triton Down last year we found that: “Short it may be (roughly an hour), nevertheless it’s an energetic journey which keeps you on edge at all times. Hopefully, Archiact plan on spinning this out further as FREEDIVER: Triton Down seems more like the first episode in a larger story.”

FREEDIVER: Triton Down Extended Cut is available today for Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR in North America for £14.99 USD. A European launch for PlayStation VR will take place on Thursday 27th. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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