Is Pokémon Home Premium Pass Worth The Cost?

Pokémon Home Premium Plan is probably going to be the best one-stop-shop for all your Pokémon storage needs in the future, but right now it might not be for everyone.

Welcome to the future of Pokémon. Pokémon Home is Nintendo’s attempt to bring all of Pokémon‘s disparate facets under one roof. With Pokémon Home, you can store, trade, and examine all your Pokémon, and even set up a weird little home for yourself on Nintendo’s service.

While most of Pokémon Home‘s services are available for free, the paid version provides enhanced features. We’ll go over just what those features are and whether or not they’re worth it to you.

How Much Does Pokémon Home Premium Plan Cost?

Getting Pokémon Home‘s Premium Plan isn’t expensive, and it gets less expensive the longer you subscribe. For one month, it’ll cost you $2.99. For three months, it’ll be $4.99. For the whole year, Premium Plan costs $15.99, making the yearly subscription the best deal.

Or you can pay nothing and have far more limited available services with Pokémon Home.

What Do You Get For Subscribing?

With the free version of Pokémon Home, you get a box with storage for up to 30 Pokémon, 3 simultaneous Wonder Trades, a single GTS trade, and the ability to participate in room trades but not to host your own room.

With the Premium Plan, your storage and trade options expand exponentially. Pokémon Home Premium allows for storage of up to 6,000 Pokémon, up to 10 simultaneous Wonder Trades, 3 simultaneous GTS trades, and the ability to host your own room for trading. You also get access to a Pokémon Judge that performs the same function as judges from previous Pokémon games in telling you your Pokémon’s IVs.

It should be noted that if your subscription runs out and you have stored more than 30 Pokémon in Pokémon Home, you’ll only be able to trade or view the first 30 Pokémon in your storage box. The remaining Pokémon are still there, but you won’t be able to access or even view them until you renew your Premium Plan subscription.

Easily the most important function that the Premium Plan provides is the ability to trade Pokémon from the 3DS generation of games (via the Pokémon Bank) to the current generation of Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch.

So, is Pokémon Home Worth It?

That depends. If you’ve got a lot of Pokémon from previous-gen games like Sun & Moon that you just can’t bear to part with, then the Premium Pass will be a big benefit in that it will let you carry-forward those ‘Mons to the current generation. If you’ve only got a few you’d like to keep, then you can even do something as simple as getting a one-month subscription, do all your transfers at once, and then let the subscription lapse. So long as you don’t store more than 30 Pokémon, you should be fine.

If you’re a hardcore Pokémon fan, you might want to maintain a Pokémon Home Premium Plan indefinitely. The ability to store 6,000 Pokémon at once is mighty appealing, and if all new Pokémon games going forward are compatible with Pokémon Home, then it will be extremely convenient to store your favorite ‘Mons in Home’s storage boxes rather than the in-game boxes. This is especially true for Pokémon GO players when that game is brought under the Pokémon Home umbrella.

But if you’re new to Pokémon and just jumped on the bandwagon with Sword & Shield, or if you just don’t care about keeping your older team current, then the free version will provide you with enough services that you shouldn’t really need to pay for the Premium Plan. There are plenty of Mystery Gifts available to anyone who signs up, so even if you don’t want to bust out the credit card, Pokémon Home is definitely worth getting for any Pokémon fan.

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