Papa’s Quiz is a fun, simple cartoon family quiz game on the Nintendo Switch

There aren’t many quiz games on the Nintendo handheld and this one, while basic, does a decent job of things.

It’s got around 3,000 questions built into the title so you shouldn’t find yourself answering the same ones over again even if you play it a lot.

It’s eight-player, which can become great fun and manic all at once as you battle it out with friends and family to be crowned quiz king.

People connect to the game via their mobile phones or tablets, a bit like Just Dance, so that no one has to fight for a Joy-Con controller.

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Sharp wits and quick thumbs are needed to answer the quiz questions correctly and claim victory.

Everyone is timed, so you can get bragging rights over a pal just by being faster than them to the correct answer.

There are questions across 185 categories suitable for both older and

younger players so that the game doesn’t exclude anyone in the household.

And you can decide to go head-to-head in a free-for-all battle of the brains or team up to tame the brain teasers cooperatively.

It’s a funny looking game, you get to customise your Minion-esque character’s appearance to make them individual and it has a cartoon house party vibe on screen with simplified graphics.

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And the winner gets to pick a fancy dance to do in front of the losers at the end of each game, which is always fun and silly.

Developer Old Apes has done a good job here of ditching any faff and getting you straight into the quiz games within seconds.

The modes are varied, with picture quizzes, random reveals and a big final quick-fire fight as well as challenging categories like superheroes, it starts with an A, extreme sports and inventions.

It’s a one trick pony with very little to alter other than the character avatars themselves.

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So if you want an array of options and menu systems you’ll be disappointed.

But the simplicity and speed of the game are its strengths and for £9 it’s a good price for a decent puzzler.

It’s a shame we didn’t have this a year ago in lockdown for some family fun. In that regard it’s missed the sweet spot.

But overall you’ll find in Papa’s Quiz a fun little quiz game that does exactly what it says on the tin.


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