Redditor Drawing Animal Crossing Character In Hilarious Locations Until Game Is Released

In preparation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some diehard fans are celebrating in some of the most eclectic ways possible. In addition to art combining both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom: Eternal, one Reddit user has taken to the platform to display images of an Animal Crossing character in a variety of unexpected locations.

Now over three weeks into the endeavor, Reddit user AidenFuj has been showing off their prowess in creating pictures of the penguin villager Roald in some bizarre and unfamiliar locations. While some are actually somewhat mystifying, others are just plain silly.

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The first picture featuring Roald in a weird location can be seen below.

As depicted by AidenFuj’s caption, they have been routinely posting one modified image featuring Roald on a daily basis. As can be seen above, Roald’s first location has him standing in an alleyway as a silhouette. Overall, the image runs counter to Animal Crossing‘s usually whimsical and innocent nature.

From here on, the images continue to get weirder and weirder. On day 2 of AidenFuj’s venture, they posted the following images.

Above, Roald can be seen enjoying the splendor and beauty of a Disney theme park. Cinderella’s castle shines majestically in the background. But how did Roald luck out and get Disney all to himself?

Below are some of the strangest and most unusual images from the following days.

As can be seen from some of the pictures, AidenFuj appears to be a fan of movie references. Roald can be seen appearing in the Star Wars prequels a couple of times and also helps Peter Parker deliver pizzas in Spider-Man 2. Roald also doesn’t mind helping LeBron James land a slam dunk. Further, it isn’t known whether he parted the sea or someone/something else did, though he is able to walk through its gap peacefully.

It is also worth noting that AidenFuj made a picture parodying the band The Gorillaz featuring characters from Animal Crossing.

Presumably, AidenFuj will be doing as stated and deliver consumers images of Roald-invaded images until New Horizons‘ release. There is just over a week remaining, so who knows what the following images entail. However, the imagination and creativity of Animal Crossing fans seems very impressive.

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