Redditor Visits Chernobyl In Real Life, Discovers Exact Location In COD: Warzone

Someone has managed to find a location used as reference in the new Call of Duty battle royale game Warzone and the similarities are uncanny. Reddit user u/lukegiant found the dive pool while visiting Chernobyl a few weeks ago and posted a side by side comparison.

Chernobyl is an appropriate city to have found the landmark, considering the original  Modern Warfare takes place in a fictionalized version of the city. Warzone is set in a similar fictional city, Verdansk, and the map borrows set pieces and locations from various Call of Duty games from the past.

Specifically, the swimming pool comes from the Modern Warfare map Bloc, a small map that consists of 2 apartment buildings and the pool and is set in Pripyat, the real-life Ukrainian city that was evacuated during the Chernobyl disaster. The Ferris wheel from COD4 is also visible in this area of the map.

The fictional city of Verdansk was similarly evacuated, though it isn’t exactly clear how or why. There have obviously been some disasters in the area, such as the crashed airplane at the airport. There are also a number of disaster relief tents scattered around the map, indicating that humanitarian efforts were being made in Verdansk before it was eventually evacuated. Redditor u/kuroinnomanga made a compelling case for the what they believe happened in Verdansk, for the game detective types.

U/Lukegiant posted an entire album of photos from his trip to Chernobyl. While the album shares the distinct iconography of an eastern European city abandoned in the mid-80s, there aren’t any other particular landmarks recognizable from Warzone.

The pool can be found in Storage Town, just south of the airport on the northwestern side of the map. The location is also part of the Special Ops multiplayer mission Operation Paladin. Interestingly, the exact same pool can be found in PUBG as well, right next to the school.

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