Rollerdrome is brilliantly fast and frantic skate shooter action on the PS5

Who’d have thought a mash-up between rollerskating and a classic video game shoot em’ up would be so good.

Rollerdrome is a cracking new title on the big consoles and well worth a look for £25.

The only thing it is missing is a proper online multiplayer mode, now that would be carnage perfection.

As it stands, this little gem of a game from Roll7 is a brilliant new addition to both Xbox and Playstation libraries this summer.

Rollerdrome is best described as a single player third person action shooter that seamlessly blends speedy rollerskating with shooting accuracy.

You’re expected to not only traverse ever-more-difficult levels with speed, skill, flips and tricks like a pro skater but also – at the same time – battle rivals on the course, shooting them dead while dodging their onslaught of bullets and missiles.

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It’s frantic, brutal and brilliant fun.

And don’t think you can avoid all the skilful trick moves to concentrate on shooting accuracy either, you have to do them to reload your weapons.

So the game forces you into becoming both a pro gunner alongside a flip-trick, air catching skater legend.

The cell-shaded cartoon design of the game is really appealing too and adds to the tense atmosphere while playing.

The year is 2030 and it is a world where corporations rule and the public are kept distracted by the violence and excess of this brutal new blood sport.

It gives off 1970s-inspired futurism vibes and has a basic mystery story around control of the masses.

But this game is really all about the action.

And each tournament level gets tougher as you’re not only tasked with taking out the baddies with various guns but also have a host of side tests to try to conquer, similar to Roll7’s other hit skating title OlliOlli World.

The gameplay is sublime and just the right mix of detailed, intricate and skills-based button bashing while always avoiding being overwhelming.

You’ll be twisting and smashing your controller all over the place and when you land a perfect shot while nailing a wall-sliding spin, it feels epic.

It would be top-tier with a multiplayer online component, maybe that could come in the inevitable sequel, but for now this is an excellent single player title that perfectly mixes two genres into a whole new style of video game.


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