Spider-Man: No Way Home Could Set Up The Best Disney+ Spin-Off Yet

Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters this week which means Tom Holland can finally relax. Fair play to the MCU's Spider-Man, he managed to keep the movie's secrets all this time after previously developing a reputation for spilling the beans ahead of time. If you've seen No Way Home then you'll know Holland had to keep an awful lot of secrets. If you haven't seen it, what in the multiverse are you doing here? I'm about to spoil the entire plot so unless you have seen No Way Home, or you don't care about spoilers, then look away now.

Far From Home ended with the world discovering Peter Parker is Spider-Man. No Way Home begins with Peter asking Dr. Strange if he can make them forget. Mid-spell, Peter decides there are a few people he would prefer remember his secret superhero identity. As he reels them off, the constant changes to the spell make it unstable, opening rifts in the multiverse. That's what leads to villains, and a couple of heroes, from other Spidey movies making it into the MCU.

The only entry requirement to make it from your own universe and into the MCU is knowledge that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. That's why Dr. Octopus is so confused when he sees Holland's face. He isn't the Peter Parker he knows since that honor belongs to Tobey Maguire. Nevertheless, he still knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man, hence him being pulled in by Strange's spell.

There is a little confusion over Venom's debut in the MCU. No Way Home was so action-packed, and filled with returning characters, you may have forgotten Venom was supposed to show up at some point. The credits scene during Venom 2 shows the symbiote watching Holland as Spider-Man on TV. We now know he was pulled in by Strange's spell. However, as Eddie Brock's cameo in No Way Home's credits demonstrates, he doesn't know who Spider-Man is, let alone that the hero is actually Peter Parker.

Although Venom doesn't say he knows Peter or Spider-Man, he has previously bragged about possessing a hive of knowledge from across multiple universes. That's why it's likely the symbiote knows Peter is Spidey somewhere in the multiverse. Venom's cameo in No Way Home got me to thinking, it's very possible multiple other people who know Peter's secret were also pulled into the MCU by the spell. However, just like Venom, they were sent home again before getting the chance to meet any of No Way Home's main cast.

The premise that people were pulled in all over the world but didn't make it to New York City could make for a great Disney+ spin-off. A similar concept to What If…?, where every episode is its own story focusing on one character. However, in this instance, only the first few seconds of each episode would take place in a different universe before Strange's spell transports them to the MCU.

No Way Home brought back a lot of people from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spidey runs. There are others from those eras that didn't make it through, or at least they didn't make it into the movie. Kirsten Dunst's MJ, for example. It's also established by Norman Osborn returning from the grave that even the dead could be pulled in by the spell. That means one episode could feature Gwen. Perhaps MJ and Gwen could even meet, piecing together the mystery for themselves just as they are pulled back to their own universes, never to meet again.

Since fallen heroes and villains aren't off-limits, it would even give Disney a chance to bring back a few big names for cameo appearances. Mysterio, Captain America, maybe even Iron Man. A way to have them appear in the MCU one more time without having to worry about a full reintroduction. 30 to 60 minutes later, they can once again disappear forever.

The characters brought back don't necessarily need to be ones we have seen on the big screen before. Plenty of people know Peter is Spider-Man from the comics and the games too. While the eventual appearance of Miles Morales in the MCU has been teased in the past, an episode pulling a version of Miles from another universe could well be the perfect way to introduce him to more casual fans who have only ever known Peter's Spider-Man.

The best part of all is if a particular episode is a hit or fans take a liking to a certain character, Marvel can keep them around. Whether they get their very own spin-off of this spin-off via a series that takes place in their own universe, or they're brought back into the MCU due to the ongoing issues with the multiverse. Yes, Strange might have patched it up for now but come on everyone, the next movie is called The Multiverse Of Madness. It, and the threat it poses to the MCU and the billions that call it home, ain't going away anytime soon.

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