Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a blockbuster PS5 sci-fi epic for all the film fans

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    Cal Kestis is back for an action packed, double-hard fighting game and Stars Wars fans are going to love it.

    This is the definitive Stars Wars game of this generation of consoles.

    It is packed full of action and adventure, is easy to pick up but hard to master and features a top storyline straight out of Hollywood.

    Jedi Survivor is the sequel to the hugely popular 2019 hit Fallen Order.

    And maker Respawn has honed and improved the core gaming experience here, where you’ll find yourself effortlessly wielding lightsabers like Luke Skywalker himself.

    Our protagonist Cal is now a fully-fledged expert Jedi, having grown into the hero role throughout the original game, and starts this title full of confidence and with new fighting skills as he battles the growing threat of the evil Empire.

    Actor Cameron Monaghan, known for his standout role as the Joker in TV series Gotham, brings a lot of fun, cheekiness and life to the ginger hero.

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    And thanks to some of the best motion capture we’ve seen in gaming, when the intense moments hit, so do the emotional beats.

    It means a high adrenaline, high stakes storyline that powers across the galaxy at swift speed with Cal coming across some familiar faces from the first game on the way.

    The Jedi Knight feels like a master from the instant you pick up the controller.

    Moves are intuitive and relatively basic at first, pummel square on the joypad for swishing lightsaber attacks, double jumps with a double tap to get to the high ledge, that kind of thing.

    But as you learn the game layers on more move combinations and things like the use of the ‘force’ to push back enemies, or even pull someone magically in the air towards you so you can lance them with a fatal blow.

    And it’s this increasing mish-mash of moves that you’ll need to master to really overcome the evil monsters in the regular boss battles the game throws at you.

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    These can be brutally unforgiving, as you lunge and parry with your energy blades, and if you let your guard down a rival will slice and dice and you’re left feeling helpless as your health bar drops to zero.

    Then it’s back to the last checkpoint to battle your way back to the boss, to then start the brawl again, this time hopefully learning where the chinks are in their armour and attack moves so that you can gain an upper hand.

    It’s cat and mouse, and can get so tough you really feel like its life or death and you can’t help but throw yourself far too into this game.

    Visually it is stunning.

    The graphics both in cutscenes and gameplay are second to none and really deliver a Star Wars like experience akin to the new Mandalorian shows on Disney+.

    Big brash characters, epic backdrops, and large level maps where you’ll find yourself happily exploring shortcuts and hunting down little collectibles between the fighting.

    The audio is also top notch, with those classic pew-pew spaceship gun noises mixing effortlessly well with top quality voice acting.

    When we talk of triple-A video games we’re talking of blockbuster entertainment where you can both see on screen and feel in the gameplay the money and years spent on a title.

    Jedi Survivor is a true triple-A game in that sense – a lovingly developed Star Wars game that’s improved on its predecessor and packed full of jaw-dropping moments visually and in the joypad.

    It’s Hollywood popcorn fun at its best, all controllable and with a real edge of difficulty that – rather than frustrates – pulls you back for more, like a good book.

    Electronic Arts should be proud of what Respawn has accomplished here.

    Let’s hope there’s another epic to come in future.

    VERDICT 5/5

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