Your Cell Phone Is Nasty, So Please Wash Your Hands

The Coronavirus has been on everyone’s minds and affecting nearly every aspect of our lives as of late. From major events being canceled right down to the ins and outs of daily life, there is hardly any activity left that hasn’t fallen under scrutiny for its hygienical standards.

Smartphones get the most daily use of all, especially from mobile gamers. It’s vital to keep Coronavirus preventative measures in mind at all times.

Your Phone Is Nasty!

Think of all the places people take their phones and where they lay them down. Most of those spots are riddled with germs: desks that get used by hundreds of students, food court tables that rarely get wiped down, sometimes even the back of toilets.

Cell phones get set down in all manner of unsanitary places without so much as a second thought. How many times have you left your phone somewhere and searched everywhere, only to find it in the most unlikely spot? Likely, the surface doesn’t get sanitized too often. In practicality, cell phones are high-tech germ collectors.

Phone Habits To Kick

Not only are cell phones invisibly grotesque, but the habits people have picked up while utilizing them are just as unhealthy.

For example, eating- especially finger food- while interacting with a cell phone is a great way to contract viruses. Touching your face is another surefire way to spread germs. Scratching your nose or rubbing your eyes is nearly always subconscious, but no less unsanitary. And please, please avoid biting your nails over any challenging game levels or nerve-wracking social media posts.

The Golden Rule

Regular hand washing is the primary preventative measure aside from becoming a recluse with no social interaction until this epidemic passes. “Wash your hands” is advice or- more aptly- the scolding kids receive from their elders when they rush out of the bathroom too quickly. These nagging words of wisdom have been repeated incessantly, and while they may get annoying to hear, the notion is nonetheless imperative. In order to properly rid your hands of germs, you must lather with soap for at least twenty seconds: that’s “Happy Birthday” sung twice in your head, or a myriad of other song choruses.

So yes, cell phones are germ magnets. This may be hard to believe, given they are nearly always in a pocket, purse, or hand. But in the time these indispensable gadgets manage to escape us, they pick up an incredible amount of filth. While other preventatives may subconsciously fall by the wayside, peace of mind can be had knowing the handsy culprits with a mind of their own are undergoing regular sanitation.

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