Nintendo & Lego Are Building A Lego Super Mario Partnership

Nintendo and Lego are partnering for something Super Mario Related, but the pair have yet to reveal exactly what it might be. “It’s-a me, LEGO Mario!”Stay tuned… #LEGO #LEGOSuperMario #Nintendo Nintendo has had a deal with Lego competitor K’Nex, so today’s announcement could represent a big shift in the toy-block landscape. No specific products […]

Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Encourage Wild Pokémon To Visit Your Campsite

Pokémon Sword & Shield introduced camping as a way for trainers to heal and bond with their Pokémon team. After enjoying some curry with particularly sociable Pokémon, some trainers have encountered wild Pokémon wandering into their camp and asking to join the fun. Now, surely these wild Pokémon are just looking for a few table scraps and maybe a wack at one […]