Rogue Legacy 2 Is Being Teased On Twitter

The days of laying siege to castles and adventurers being chosen due to their genetic qualities are not over yet, as Cellar Door Games is hinting at a sequel to Rogue Legacy on Twitter. Rogue Legacy is a Metroidvania roguelike that is available on a multitude of systems. The premise of the game is to defeat four bosses […]

Ronda Rousey Is Now Streaming WoW: Classic On Facebook

Now streaming World of Warcraft Classic on Facebook Gaming, Ronda Rousey continues her weird relationship with the gaming world. Although it isn’t uncommon for professional athletes to jump into the gaming community, Rousey has been taking a stab at it from multiple angles. In early 2019, she voice-acted as Sonya Blade for Mortal Kombat XI, to mixed fan […]

Tom Nook Is NOT A Crooked Capitalist, Stop Slandering Him

Many Animal Crossing players are quick to assume that, just because lienholder Tom Nook is a peculiar-looking raccoon with a penchant for assigning some incredulous debts, Tom Nook is a bad person. While still a staunch capitalist, he is far from unfair in his operations and does not contribute to what’s called “crony capitalism.” According to […]