The Crew 2 Is Out Now On Google Stadia

Two years after launch and right next to the release of a pretty big update, The Crew 2 finally makes its way to Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia. The Crew 2’s Stadia launch includes all current and future content available for the open-world racer. And with the game being on Stadia, and Stadia being accessible […]

Renegades Staff Walk Out Due To Alleged Creepy, Abusive Behavior From CEO

Several employees of the North American esports organization Renegades walked out of the company last week. This was prompted by the behavior of their CEO, Chris Roumayeh, who has been described as abusive on several levels. It included screaming tirades, verbal harassment, and several late or even missed payments. The latter, however, is also blamed on the organization’s […]

Hitch Calls Out Ghost On Stream, Gets A Response

Hitch, a partnered Twitch streamer, encountered a rather peculiar situation when talking to viewers in a creepy hotel. After detailing his night camping out in a graveyard, Hitch confidently stated that he doesn’t believe in ghosts. Just as he was claiming that everything has an explanation – the light behind him turned on. Considering the […]

Crossy Road Castle Is Out Now On Apple Arcade

Australian developer Hipster Whale created the mobile juggernaut endless-Frogger game Crossy Road, and it was a smash hit with 250 million downloads since its release in 2014. A sequel of sorts, Crossy Road Castle, is launching this week through the Apple Arcade subscription service. Like the original, Castle is an endless running game, but this […]

LJL will play out rest of 2020 Spring Split without an audience due to coronavirus concerns

Due to rising concerns over the coronavirus, the LJL will follow suit with the LCK and play the remainder of the 2020 Spring Split without spectators to limit the risk of its players and fans from contracting the highly contagious disease. In a statement posted by Riot Games, the publisher announced that the league won’t […]