Persona 5 Royal: How To Use The Jazz Club

Persona 5 Royal introduces the ability to enhance and teach skills to your teammates’ personae, allowing for a greater freedom in party composition. This mechanic works via inviting your teammates for non-alcoholic cocktails at a jazz club located in Kichijoji. Jazz Jin, the venue in question, can be located once Kichijoji is unlocked via a […]

Resident Evil 3 Brings Back The Knife Run

Knife-only runs have been a staple of Capcom’s community since the original Resident Evil on PlayStation. During these playthroughs, fans challenge themselves to complete various Resident Evil games using only the knife as their offensive weapon – no guns allowed. A successful knife run is challenging and requires an intimate knowledge of the Resident Evil game […]

PAX East Preview: Spirit Of The North

There are a few games that come to mind when you think of the words “hauntingly beautiful.” Shadow of the Colossus is one. Journey is another. Ori and the Blind Forest a third. A fourth just might be Spirit of the North, a new game from Raleigh, North Carolina-based indie developer, Infuse Studio. “Begin a […]

Cable vs Fiber: What's The Final Verdict?

From the rusty dial-up connection to fiber broadband and coaxial cables running from one neighborhood to another – how the broadband regime has evolved. With the broadband realm constantly advancing, now internet connectivity options are surging with wired and wireless internet offerings. However, the two prime contenders in the broadband war are cable and fiber-optic. […]

PS4's Big Game Deal Of The Week Revealed

The new Tomb Raider trilogy concluded with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to see the globe-trotting story to its end, then now’s an excellent opportunity to do so. The complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider package is currently discounted in this week’s Deal of the Week on the […]