This Week In Pokemon GO (3/29-4/4)

The beginning of a new month always brings changes to Pokémon GO, and that holds true despite April 2020’s unique circumstances. There’s new Pokémon to catch, a new event, and even some shifts in GO‘s core gameplay. Let’s start with the biggest change. Niantic Makes It Easier To Play At Home Many countries are ordering self-isolation, […]

This change to vehicles in Call of Duty: Warzone could reduce their power

Call of Duty: Warzone is still seeing tremendous success with its player count continuing to rise. Though the current COVID-19 outbreak may contribute to this, it’s a fact that the community enjoys the new take on battle royale that Warzone offers. Of course, this doesn’t mean the game isn’t without its issues. We discussed the […]

This Week In Destiny (3/29-4/4)

This week in Destiny is all about the bug fixings. Destiny 2 is in a bit of a lull. With Iron Banner leaving on Tuesday, Guardians will have to wait until later in the season in order to obtain the Point of the Stag bow, the only ritual weapon available in Season of the Worthy. […]

This Week In Overwatch (3/29-4/4)

All eyes are on Blizzard now as players patiently await the arrival of Echo, the next damage-dealing character in Overwatch. While no solid release date has been provided, current speculation and previous release schedules point to an April launch, so we may see Echo arrive in the coming week. As a high-mobility character than can […]

Will this crisis help set autonomous AI on the right course?

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerates an automated future that’s already on its way. It serves as a wake-up call to all AI, robotics, and driverless car startups: stop building eye-dazzling demos and talking about the future possibility of general-use AI. Instead, focus on deploying real-world solutions that can run 24 hours a day with minimum human […]