Redditor Takes Rick-Rolling To VR In Half-Life: Alyx

The esteemed Rick-Rolling meme has found its way into VR-exclusive game Half-Life: Alyx, thanks to one Redditor. It seems nothing is sacred. Half-Life: Alyx was released a few days ago, after a maddeningly long period of waiting around for Valve Software to finally give us more Half-Life action. The anticipation for a third instalment in the series became a meme in and […]

How To Get Half-Life: Alyx Gear In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve Software’s much-anticipated Half-Life: Alyx released a few days ago, and as part of the celebrations players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can get their hands on some cool Alyx-themed gear, accessible in CS:GO.  On the official Counter-Strike blog it is stated that “Half-Life themed Stickers, Collectible Pins, and Patches are now available for purchase [in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive].”All patches and pins are accessible and […]

9 Bleeding Edge Tips To Help You Land A Win

Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge is now out on Xbox One and PC. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, the game comes included in the service on both platforms. At first glance, Bleeding Edge looks like it may resemble plenty of the character-based multiplayer games that have released in recent years (like Rainbow Six Siege […]

Redditor Sent To COD: Warzone’s Gulag Lands Incredible Double Kill

Call of Duty: Warzone’s gulag is a box of despair and pain. Waiting for your turn to fight a close-quarters 1-vs-1 battle can seem useless and anxiety-inducing. As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m in a [concrete] case of emotion!” However, players are finding more ways to maximize their potential while awaiting their fight. Topping the list for craziest […]