Persona 5 Royal: How To Use The Jazz Club

Persona 5 Royal introduces the ability to enhance and teach skills to your teammates’ personae, allowing for a greater freedom in party composition. This mechanic works via inviting your teammates for non-alcoholic cocktails at a jazz club located in Kichijoji. Jazz Jin, the venue in question, can be located once Kichijoji is unlocked via a […]

Lego Nintendo toys use a Bluetooth Mario that’s been four years in the making

GameCentral talks to the Lego designer behind Nintendo’s new multimedia project, about what it’s like to work with the co-creator of Mario. Nintendo and Lego sound like the proverbial match made in heaven: two long-standing, family friendly companies known equally for their creativity, ongoing success, and obsessive secrecy. But when the idea of Nintendo Lego […]

10 Great Games That Use The Unity Game Engine

The Unity game engine from Unity Technologies was first made available in 2005 and was initially designed to be used exclusively to develop games for systems using Mac OS. Over the years twenty-four additional platforms have been added; including Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There have been numerous Unity builds since 2005, […]