After Multiple Delays, 'Budget Cuts' Finally Arrives on PSVR – Road to VR

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Budget Cuts (2018) was originally slated to arrive on PSVR back in May, and due to the global slowdown it also fell victim to another delay in June. Starting today though, PSVR users will finally be able to step into the stealth action game that was so highly anticipated on the PC VR platform.

Budget Cuts is now live on the PlayStation Store, priced at $30 and $24 for PS Plus members. North America has physical copies as well; Europe is said to get them starting October 23rd, with pre-orders opening on the Perp Games Store next week.

We reviewed the game back at its PC VR release in 2018, and while we gave it a resounding [9.2/10] at the time, some users did notice pesky performance issues at launch that prevented them from enjoying the full unfettered fun of sneaking around office corridors and ganking robot guards.

Although those perf issues on PC VR have since been ironed out, it was still uncertain whether the game would actually fit all of its physics-based interactions onto the more modest PS4 platform. It appears though Neat Corp and Coatsink have done an admirable job porting the game for PSVR.

While we haven’t had an opportunity to test it on PSVR yet, YouTube channel Shugghead Gaming has a video review (linked below) that drills into the game’s specifics, noting that performance is a non-issue.

Shugghead Gaming highlights in the video that one of the sticking points to the game is the snap-turn control scheme, which is necessary due to PSVR’s front-facing PS Camera sensor. According to him, the game also feels somewhat dated in comparison to subsequently released titles on the platform, which is in part owed to the teleportation-only locomotion style.

Still, for what we can gather, Budget Cuts on PSVR is basically the same experience you can have on PC, albeit with an extra PSVR exclusive level in addition to the previously released DLC. We’re still waiting to see if Neat Corp/Coatsink will bring the game to Quest, which would be the next logical step for a title that’s already been slimmed down enough to fit on PSVR.

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