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Archiact, the studio behind VR games Evasion (2018) and Waddle Home (2016), today launched its underwater adventure FREEDIVER: Triton Down (2019) on PSVR in a new ‘Extended Cut’ edition.

Freediver: Triton Down was decidedly pretty demure in scope when it first launched on on PC VR headsets back in May 2019, what with its one-hour playtime. Quick gameplay length notwithstanding, Freediver has striven to make up for its shortcomings with a number of good ideas such as an interesting ‘swimming’ locomotion system and the inherent tension of freediving in the deep without a mobile air supply.

Swimming, which is done via motion controller movement, not only allows you to seamlessly navigate the depths, but it also lends plenty of tension between movement and survival as the player is constantly looking for air whilst having to solve puzzles. The PSVR version only supports PS Move, so make sure to get on your floaties.

In a PlayStation blog post, Archiact’s Renee Klint explains that the ‘Extended Cut’ includes all-new levels on the ship, and a few new areas that have been plunged into darkness which adds what Klint calls “an extra layer of challenge to the many puzzles you’ll encounter.”

The new cut also includes a handy flashlight, although there are admittedly “some dangers in the depths that only a cool head and lightning reflexes will save you from,” Klint reveals. There’s also supposedly more items related to the ship’s fateful sinking such as lost audio logs of the crewmembers’ final days aboard.

While we don’t expect the ‘Extended Cut’ to push the gameplay length a ton, Freediver: Triton Down is now available on the PlayStation Store for $15, which sounds about right for a short but sweet adventure into the deep.

It’s uncertain when/if the ‘Extended Cut’ will arrive on other platforms in the form of a free update, or paid DLC. We’ve reached out to Archiact and will update this piece when we know more.

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