Meta Acknowledges Missing Apps & Account Issues on Oculus Quest

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Meta has acknowledged a Quest account issue that cropped up this week which led to some users being logged out of their headsets and others missing their library of apps entirely. A “majority” of affected accounts have been fixed, according to Meta, but the company says it’s still working on the remainder.

If your Quest has been acting weird this week, you’re not alone. User reports of account issues began cropping up earlier this week with problems reportedly ranging from simply being logged out of the headset to accounts appearing to be reset to ‘new’ and losing access to their game libraries.

Meta first acknowledged the issue on Twitter on Wednesday and said it was investigating the issues. As of Thursday evening the company said that the “vast majority of impacted accounts have been restored,” but that it’s still working on fixing the issues for others.

It isn’t clear how many users have been impacted, but it was apparently enough to cause Meta to put a large temporary banner at the top of its support site to preempt those coming to report the issue; the banner reads “we’re currently investigating reports of account issues, including log-outs and missing app libraries.”

Though Meta says that the majority of accounts have been fixed, the crowd-sourced outage website Downdetector shows issue reports for ‘Oculus’ that are significantly higher than the baseline, suggesting the company still has some work to do before everything is straightened out.

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