No Man’s Sky adds living ships and VR improvements

No Man’s Sky’s range of galaxy-trekking space ships are about to feel a bit more, well, alive.

Developer Hello Games today introduced the Living Ship update, which adds a race of biological spaceships to the massive VR-compatible sci-fi adventure. These unique craft aren’t made of nuts and bolts — they’re hulls are living tissue. And, get this: You can raise one from an egg until it’s ready to take to the stars.

You’ll find their cockpits to be a little more … fleshy than your usual ships. If that sounds cool, then more power to you; I think it sounds a little gross, but who am I to judge?

To go along with the update you’ll also be able to discover the origins of the new ships in a new series of missions. Plus there’s now more features to space exploration, including new lifeforms and objects and well as NPCs that will interact with you over comms. They’ll either want to trade or might be up to no good.

Finally, on the VR-specific front there’s now improved controls for swimming and new water rendering optimisations for PSVR. A handful of UI fixes round out the update alongside a raft of other quality of life improvements for the wider game.

As with the rest of the game since the launch of last year’s Beyond update, you’ll be able to fly these ships in VR using either PSVR on PS4 or PC VR headsets on PC. We think No Man’s Sky is one of the best VR games you can buy right now, and updates like this continue to give us reasons to dive back in.

This story originally appeared on Copyright 2020

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