'RUNNER' Brings Breakneck Speeds & '80s-style Arcade Shooting Action, Trailer Here – Road to VR

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RUNNER is an upcoming arcade-style racing game that tasks you with running and gunning in a high-speed, ’80s nostalgia-soaked adventure.

Inspired by classic anime Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Patlabor, Runner takes you through seven sectors of the of Presidium, the capitol of an off-world mining colony. Taking on the role of Mina, you race across a massive highspeed expressway in a motorcycle while fighting off waves of autonomous corporate combat drones.

Players will be able to customize the look of their bike with unique paint and lighting combinations, unlock multiple vehicles, and blast away at baddies using automatic pistols integrated into the control yoke of the bike. There’s also plenty of heavy ordinance such as grenades, lock-on missiles, and an integrated vehicle cannon.

Enemies are slated to be pretty diverse too. Baddies include autonomous motorcycles, UAVs, hunter-killer tanks, sniper quadrupeds, covert assassin vehicles and unique boss battles.

Developing studio Truant Pixel is aiming to release Runner on PlayStation 5 VR headsets, PC VR and other “next gen” headsets. There’s no release window yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye on the game’s new Twitter account in the near future.

This isn’t Truant Pixel’s first VR game. The Ohio-based studio is also known for its VR football game 2MD: VR Football Evolution (2017), which made its way onto all major VR headsets following its initial launch on SteamVR headsets in 2017.

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