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Fireproof Games, the studio behind popular puzzle title The Room (2014), today announced its first VR entry into the franchise—The Room: A Dark Matter—is slated to arrive next month on PC VR headsets, Oculus Quest, and PSVR.

Fireproof says in a tweet that the game will be landing simultaneously on their respective stores on March 26th. The studio also pushed out a new trailer, which we linked below.

In case you haven’t been following along, The Room: A Dark Matter is an upcoming VR puzzle game that promises to deliver on the franchise’s knack for complex, escape room-style puzzles. The original The Room for PC has managed to nab itself a solid [10/10] user rating on Steam, so it’s clear Fireproof has big shoes to fill here.

We had a chance to preview the game on Oculus Quest earlier this week, and it proved to be not only to serve up engaging and cleverly-built puzzles, but an engrossing visual experience to compliment its dark, Lovecraftian story. Although we haven’t played on PSVR or PC VR headsets yet, the Quest version left us sufficiently wowed enough to say that it’s set a new bar for VR puzzle games.

Make sure to check out our spoiler-free preview, linked above, to learn a little more about why we’re so excited for others to play The Room: A Dark Matter.

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