Xbox One Insider Members Just Got A Much-Requested Feature For Easier Disc Removal

It’s been six years since the Xbox One released, but the system has just now gotten a feature that players have wanted since the beginning. Xbox Insiders are now reporting on Reddit that the latest update allows players to eject the discs from their systems with a press of the X button, meaning that you can make the system spit out the disc without needing to get up and press the button on the console.

Of course, with so many players going digital now, especially with Xbox Game Pass, this feature might get less of a workout now than it would have in 2013. Still, it’s going to be a handy feature for many players once they receive the update, especially collectors or anyone who uses their Xbox One as a DVD player.

This is one area in which the Xbox One has lagged behind the Xbox 360, which allowed players to eject discs with the controller, too. The PlayStation 4 has also long allowed users to eject discs with the controller.

Hopefully this new feature will carry over to the Xbox Series X, which will be able to play all of the games on Xbox One–and the two previous models of Xbox as well, since it’ll have complete backwards compatibility.

Xbox has a huge 2020 planned, not just because of the new console on the way–the long-awaited Halo Infinite is also coming. If you buy it on disc, you’ll be able to eject it easily; however, it’ll also be on Game Pass.

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